Pedal Commander® Product Warranty

You didn’t purchase a vehicle for its jerky and hesitant performance; it must be reliable as a means of transportation that you depend on. Our products are designed to maximize vehicle’s reliability, responsively and performance. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year unmatched product warranty.

Throttle Controller is a Matter of Trust.

To ensure your trust, we use the following three principles as Pedal Commander’s philosophy:

1. Our services and products are always top ranking in quality, function and technology.

2. Our customers are highly satisfied with the tuning that they have received from us.

3. Our products and services are absolutely safe in terms of use and function.

Based on these principles, we give you a full satisfaction guarantee on Pedal Commander – far beyond what is legally required.


We are aware of NON-AUTHORIZED parties selling COUNTERFEIT PEDAL COMMANDER on Amazon®.
Regarding this issue, we are alerting our valued customers, retailers, and distributors that
PEDAL COMMANDER is actively working to resolve it.
Please note that PEDAL COMMANDER will NOT honor its 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for any
products sold on Amazon® by Non-Authorized Resellers. We recommend that you use caution
in buying products from Non-Authorized Resellers as some of these products may cause
permanent damage to your safety and health.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee means: Try our quality product and look forward to a completely new driving experience. Test Pedal Commander system to your heart’s content and then evaluate its effects on fuel consumption and drivability. You will never want to send it back!

Comprehensive Guarantee on Pedal Commander Product 

You are getting a top quality product from us. However, just in case the power electronics are faulty, we will replace your Pedal Commander product free of charge – within 2 years of purchase!

Long-Term Software Support Service

You also get a two-year software update service to keep your Pedal Commander system up to date.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


2-Year Unmatched Product Warranty

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