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If a product is in stock and ready to ship, typically 2-3 business days within the US. 7-10 business days international.

Many of the products 10 Second Racing offers are made from scratch at the time of order placement. This is due to manufacturer quality control as well as cost mitigation. Determining a timeline for a product that is made to order depends on the nature of the item. An exhaust tip set may take several days whereas an entire cat-back exhaust system could take 3 months. It is best to contact 10 Second Racing's support team prior to ordering a manufactured item if you need it by a specified date. We have great relationships with our partner network and typically can verify production eta's.

Yes we do! There are a number of brands we are allowed to offer discounts on as well as many brands that we cannot due to manufacturer price restrictions. Please contact our support team to learn more 🏁

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