About 10 Second Racing

Ever been disappointed at the customer service you received in the auto industry? We have! And we bet most of you can relate. 

10 Second Racing(10SR) was launched with both the desire and commitment to provide exceptional customer service and exceed consumer expectations, while providing accurate product information in an industry often clouded with speculation.

We, at 10SR, have accepted the responsibility to assemble a performance auto parts company on the foundation of our staff’s knowledge to bridge the gap between facts and theory. 

In our personal experience, we have collectively found difficulty tracking down reliable service from retailers that could accurately suggest appropriate upgrades, provide order updates and/or ship in a timely manner. 

We, as a team, truly hope to reshape the auto part industry and set a standard for the service expected from auto part retailers in the future. We strive to push the culture forward and become the trusted bridge between the consumer and the most popular brands in the world. Here at 10SR, no purchase is required for you to matter to us! You aren’t just a client, you are family!

As our original club motto states, we ask you, our loyal enthusiast

What’s your 10 second car?!