Metco MotorSports® (05-17) Mustang GT Valve Cover Breather - 10 Second Racing
Metco MotorSports® (05-17) Mustang GT Valve Cover Breather - 10 Second Racing


Metco MotorSports® (05-17) Mustang GT Valve Cover Breather

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Compatible: (4.6L/5.0L)

2005 - 2017 Ford Mustang GT

Note 1:  This Metco Motorsports Valve Cover Breather does not fit the  2003-2004 Mustang Cobra, the 2007 & newer Shelby GT500, or the 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder.  Please see the Metco Motorsports MBR0013, listed elsewhere in this section.

Note 2:  This breather stand is also available with a male #10AN connection at the top instead of the provision for the breather element.  This configuration is designed for use in a custom crankcase evacuation system or for use with a vacuum pump.  Please see Metco Motorsports PN MBR0005-10AN, listed elsewhere in this section.   

2018 & Newer Coyote Applications Coming Soon! 

This valve cover breather assembly replaces the original oil fill tube found on the factory passenger side valve cover.  The base is CNC-machined from billet aluminum for precise fit, and the included silicone gasket is specially designed to prevent oil seepage at the base of the breather.  The filter base is microfinished for surface protection and good looks, and is easily hand-polished to a mirror-like appearance.  The removable filter element is a high-quality reusable unit from S & B Filters, and it is securely retained in the filter base by a specially machined retention groove at the top of the base.

The purpose of this valve cover breather is to vent unwanted accumulation of pressure in the crankcase, and to provide maximum circulation of ambient air in the crankcase to reduce oil temperatures.  The installation of this breather will contribute to increased engine oil life and reduce the possibility of failed engine seals resulting from excessive crankcase pressure.  This breather will reduce the effectiveness of the vehicle's PCV system, and it is not emissions-legal.

The included check valve will allow the breather to vent any crankcase pressure that accumulates, but it will not allow ambient air to be drawn back into the engine through the breather under high-vacuum conditions.  This valve is beneficial for applications that retain a valve cover vent line, or applications with a very sensitive (or aggressively-lean) PCM calibration. 

This breather will not fit the 2018 & later Coyote applications with the smaller helix on the oil cap.  A breather for this application will be available very soon.