KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit
KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit
KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit
KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit
KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit


KW® (14-20) BMW M3/M4 0.6" x 1.6" - 0.6" x 1.6" Dynamic Damping Control Equipped Coilover Kit

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    Compatible: (3.0L)

    2014 - 2019 BMW M3

    2014 - 2020 BMW M4





  • 02: Front height adjustable by threaded shock bodies. Rear height adjustable by adjustable spring perch.

  • 55: Only for vehicles equipped with electronic damping control




    KW DDC Gewindefahrwerk

    KW DDC Coilover Kits

    The KW DDC coilovers are part of the KW iSuspension program - the intelligent suspension solution. They combine the advantages of an adaptive damping system with a vehicle-specific aftermarket suspension solution. There are two versions offered: the KW DDC ECU with the option of using KW's App control, and the KW DDC Plug & Play for select vehicle models with factory adaptive suspension.

    KW DDC Plug & Play

    Utilize factory electronic suspension controls with adjustable ride height



    DDC Satzbild

    Today, more and more premium vehicles are being fitted with an electronically adaptive suspension system.Before KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers were introduced to the market, you often had to make compromises when customizing your suspension lowering, and often had to eliminate the active electronic control system and comfort features that you had paid extra for. With the adaptive KW DDC Plug & Play coilover suspensions there are no compromises to be made and you can combine the control of your standard damper system with a seamless suspension lowering and the driving dynamics tuned by KW suspensions experienced engineers.

    Setup – factory pre-configured damping modes with adaptive damper control

    During installation, the factory electronic struts are simply replaced by KW “inox-line” stainless steel coilover struts and the adaptive KW dampers are connected to the on-board electronics using your vehicles original plugs. Fitting a KW DDC Plug & Play coilover suspension requires no further modifications. The standard dampers can simply be replaced with the KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) coilover kit. The existing controls and the button installed in the vehicle interior for the operation of the damper control will now operate the KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers.


    For the first time, the KW DDC Plug & Play coilover kit combines the advantages of a KW coilover suspension with the convenience of the standard electronic damper controls. At the push of a button, the driver can choose between the Comfort, Normal and Sport setup optimized for the KW coilover suspension. In addition, the KW coilover suspension allows individual ride height adjustability within the tested adjustment range. Our original equipment quality suspension technology is compatible with various vehicle manufacturers. As a result, the adaptive KW DDC suspension is instantly recognized by the on-board electronics. So all the displays and controls of your factory vehicle remain fully functional but you get a completely new driving experience.


    These set ups were specifically designed for the Nordschleife using track day tires. By using the optional adjustable top mounts, suspension geometry can be adjusted to the requirements of the tires and the intended use.

    These adjustable top mounts coupled with the independently adjustable rebound and compression dampening technology individual set up adjustments according to vehicle load, tire characteristics and different track conditions. Clubsports meets all needs for the road and the race track guaranteeing excellent handling, best performance, great agility and fantastic lap times.

    The rebound adjuster knob provides 16 precise clicks to personally dial in your desired vehicle setup. Thus allowing you the possibility to influence wheel/tire loads or take into concern chassis characteristics. Independent from rebound adjustment is the compression dampening, 12 precise adjustment clicks are provided to adjust the low-speed dampening. Most notably used to dial in wheel/tire setup.

    These adjustment features allow the user to dial in vehicle weight, wheel/tire combinations, various road surfaces and environmental conditions.
    - Independently adjustable rebound and compression damping technology
    - Stainless steel technology "inox-line"
    - Continuous lowering
    - TÜV-tested adjustment range
    - High-quality components for a long-term durability
    - Adjustable rebound damping with 16 precise clicks
    - Adjustable compression damping with 12 precise clicks
    - Unique independent damping force adjustment
    - Optional spherical bearing aluminum top mounts


    Clubsport 2-way Satzbild

    DDC ECU Satzbild

    Experience the innovation and quality of high-end engineering: the KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) coilover suspension, made in Germany. For the first time with its electronically adjustable dampers, the KW DDC ECU coilover system combines intelligent, app-controlled suspension tuning with ride height adjustability. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle with an adaptive damper systen and electronically control the level of performance or comfort that meets your requirements Included in the package is a KW “inox-line” coilover suspension with high-quality stainless steel struts, electronically adjustable dampers, a high-performance control unit with a vehicle-specific set of cables, a KW DDC control button giving you control from the comfort of the drivers seat, and an elaborate assembly instructions for an easy installation.

    Setup – Three factory-pre-configured damping settings for adaptive damper control and optional App-control via smartphone

    The KW DDC ECU coilover suspension features three vehicle-specific damper setups. At the touch of a button you can choose between the basic Sport setting, a very sporty and performance-oriented Sport+ setup or Comfort mode.

    Individuality at the push of a button.

    The KW DDC button - One Button, Three Times the Experience!

    The included KW DDC button allows switching between the three damper settings, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +. The KW DDC button changes the color confirming the dampers have changed.

    KW DDC Taster

    With the KW DDC button, the respective driving mode, Comfort, Sport, or Sport+ can be selected changing the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit damper setting within milliseconds. In Sport+ mode, the adaptive KW dampers give every car an unadulterated driving behavior. A setup which is ideal for demanding rides on twisty roads with lots of load changes. The Sport mode however, is perfect for driving on the highway with long curves, while the Comfort mode is the ideal for traveling on poorly developed roads. In Comfort mode, the suspension adjusts automatically to the respective driving situation.

    KW DDC App: The App for an adaptive driving experience

    KW DDC iPhone App

    If you add the additional DDC WLAN module to the KW DDC ECU kit the adaptive dampers of the KW DDC ECU coilover suspension can be adjusted independenly per axle to your personal driving style and conditions. The App is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Apple (iOS) and many Android devices. can be set intuitively from the maximum comfort setting with a very soft damping (shown in the app as 0%) up to the Sport+ damper setting (shown in the app as 100%). Here, you can also select between the 3 preset modes and the KW DDC button in the car will change to the corresponding color to confirm the setting.

    KW DDC iPhone App  KW DDC iPhone App

    Basic Menu

    Choice between the KW damping modes, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +. The two Sport modes can also be assigned with individual settings via the Advanced menu.

    Advanced Menu

    Display and edit the current damper force in real time. With infinitely variable damper setting you can custom tailor the front and rear axles instantaneously. Once you have selected the individual setup on the front and rear axels it is made active by clicking the Transmit button and saved in the KW DDC ECU. With the activation of the Permanent Update feature, the changes are transferred to the ECU and dampers in real time.

    Personal Menu

    Up to five individual damper setups can be stored in the App, saved, renamed and retrieved at any time as well as on request being shared by E-mail.

    Settings Menu

    Under the "Settings" menu you can configure the connection settings, choose from different app background designs, and choose whether to show or de-activate the startup logo.

    Continuous Lowering

    The KW DDC plug&play allows maximum or individual lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuous lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years.


    As with all KW coilovers our engineers develop vehicle specific damper and spring specifications which undergo comprehensive testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and in our KW 7-post Driving Dynamic Test Center. With a KW DDC coilover kit the driving experience is more dynamic and direct.

    You are not buying a mass produced, generic coilover kit, a KW coilover has been developed specifically for your particular vehicle. As a manufacturer, KW uses only its own resources, high quality components and the damper technology that has all developed in-house. With the KW DDC coilovers, rolling motion of the body will be reduced during compression giving you the benefit of more direct handling and confidence while driving.

    Our experience means your driving pleasure

    For over 20 years, KW automotive has been the market leader and driving innovation as a manufacturer of individual suspension solutions for the road and in all types of motorsports. No matter where in the world, gearheads, automobile manufacturers and reputable tuners rely on our KW coilovers "Made in Germany".

    Every KW coilover kit undergoes extensive stress testing before production and is developed and manufactured exclusively in our company headquarters in Fichtenberg, a small in town in Germany, to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. For us as a German manufacturer, it goes without saying that our KW coilover kits will exceed the original equipment manufacturer quality, and offer useful and innovative solutions. With an application list comprising more than 4,600 options KW guarantees an outstanding selection backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty




    Individuelle Tieferlegung

    Configure the Ride Height to your needs

    KW coilover suspensions, KW height adjustable springs, and KW DLC Air Suspensions allow the suspension to be lowered within the vehicle's technical limitations. For example, our Street Comfort products allow for a customized ride height setting with mild suspension lowering from 10 - 50 mm, while the Street Performance products allow the maximum technically possible suspension lowering range from 45 - 85 mm, depending on the vehicle. This means that the suspension can be lowered to suit the personal needs of the user and, depending on the product category, a setting ranging from Comfort to Performance can be chosen.


    Rebound 16 Clicks

    Adjustable Rebound Valve with KW TVR-A (Twin-Valve Rebound Adjustable) Technology.

    The rebound stage damping is precisely tuned to the respective vehicle at our in-house drive dynamics test facility, delivered in the middle of the range out of the box. Individual customization can be achieved in 16 precise clicks, allowing you to choose between more comfort or more body control. The two-stage patented TVR-A technology allows the oil to flow through an adjustable, conical low-speed valve during slow piston speeds, while during higher piston speeds the main rebound stage valve opens to handle the flow of large volumes of oil. This provides major improvements in ride comfort without influencing the high-speed.


    Bump-Compression Low

    Adjustable Compression Valve with KW TVC-A (Twin-Valve Compression Adjustable) Technology.

    The patented compression valve with TVC-A technology features two separate spring pre-tensioned valves for small and large volume flow. The compression is tuned to the respective vehicle type on our 7-post rig and is delivered in the middle of the range out of the box. With 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression valve can increase or decrease the cross-section in the low speed valve, providing more or less compression damping. In the event of sudden high piston speeds, the low speed spring pre-tensioned needle valve opens to its maximum volume along with the spring pre-tensioned main valve to maximize the volume of oil flow preventing unwanted progressive surges in the high-speed range with its blow-off feature. This makes it possible to support the vehicle body better while still offering more comfort than the conventional valve technology during high wheel travel acceleration. The compression stage damper setting is always supplied in combination with a separate rebound setting, only a truly independent 2-way damper setting allows for true performance optimization.


    Bump-Compression Low/High

    Adjustable Compression Valve with KW TVCLH-A (Twin-Valve Compression Low High - Adjustable) Technology.

    The compression valve with KW TVCLH-A technology is high-end motor sports technology for the most demanding street and track performance customers. Two separate valves and a two-way adjustable compression valve allow separate compression damping changes in the low and high-speed range. The adjustments are made via two adjustment dials with click increments that feature 16 settings (with 15 clicks) for high-speed and 7 settings (with 6 clicks) of low-speed adjustability. During tuning at the KW driving dynamics test facility, the groundbreaking Variant 4 coilover suspension is tuned to the mid-range setting for the best road performance and provided with an additional recommended setting for occasional track day use. The 3-Way Clubsport coilover suspension is tuned to a mid-level factory setting especially for track day use, with additional range provided for adjusting to a varying degree of vehicle modifications and track conditions. Starting from the factory setting, the damping can be set firmer or softer for low and high-speed. The TVCLH-A technology has a blow-off feature with large cross-section. The resulting amount of low-speed forces create the best support for the vehicle body to keep the tires on the road in the case of wheel-induced high damper speeds (driving over curbs). The separate low and high-speed setting is always supplied with an additional rebound setting, to ensure an independent three-way damper setup.


    Composite Federteller

    Reinventing the way things are done

    The KW coilover spring seat, also known as a spring perch, is constructed with a wear-resistant, friction-optimized polyamide composite material encompassing a stainless steel insert. In contrast to the anodized aluminum adjustable spring seats, the polyamide composite material prevents any possible oxidation while the stainless steel insert maximizes strength. In combination with the Inox-Line stainless steel coilover struts, this guarantees the long-term functionality of ride height adjustability.



    The Perfect Height-Adjustable Coilover

    In comparison to common coilovers, KW uses a friction-optimized trapezoidal thread which is less sensitive to dirt and requires less force to adjust. Its large cross-section also provides a higher load-bearing capacity.



    The Truly Permanent Corrosion Resistance

    KW’s coilover suspension struts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel that is rust-proof. In contrast to other solutions, Inox-Line coatings will not wear off while adjusting the suspension making KW coilover struts 100 percent corrosion resistant with an unlimited lifespan. Lowering the suspension using the trapezoidal thread in combination with the polyamide composite spring seat guarantees long term usability. Even after years the ride height adjustability is not affected.



    KW Twin-Tube Technology Knows No Limits

    The KW reservoirs provide additional oil and cooling capacity for particularly high force systems. The reservoir, which is filled with low gas pressure, can be fitted anywhere and accommodate the adjustable compression valve to provide more working space inside the damper.



    Testing to the Nth Degree

    Used regularly by automobile manufacturers and international race teams, KW’s in-house 7-post drive dynamics test facility is utilized to optimally tune KW coilover suspensions according to the design and target group. The 7-post drive dynamics test facility is essential for fine tuning along with actual on-road evaluation on public roads and race tracks. In objective laboratory conditions, which can be reproduced at any time, we work everyday to give our customers the internationally-esteemed KW driving experience.



    More Track Performance & Adjustment Options

    Depending on the vehicle application, the aluminum unibal top mounts feature a scaled camber adjustment and caster can be optionally adjusted. This means that the camber angle can be set, maximizing the tire contact patch when cornering, making handling even more direct. Please note: increased camber values are only recommended for track day use and may reduce tire lifespan when used on the road.



    Certified Guidelines

    The technical component report is always included in the package and outlines the guidelines for lowering the suspension of the respective vehicle. The technical component report ensures the vehicle remains useable when set within the guidelines provided in the installation instructions, allowing for an inspection and subsequent entry into the vehicle documents to be carried out without any problems. The technical component report also includes precise vehicle classification, requirements, and tips for safe fitting.These reports are required for road legal approval in many countries, check local laws.

    KW TVR-A Technology


    Twin Valve Rebound – Adjustable

    The rebound stage damping is tuned to suit the respective vehicle at our in-house drive dynamics test facility and comes preset in the middle of the range out of the box. For custom settings the user has 16 precise click positions at their disposal, allowing them to choose between more comfort or more body control.

    The two-step, patented TVR-A technology enables the small volume to flow through an adjustable, conical low-speed bypass in the case of slow damper speeds, while in the case of higher piston speeds, the main rebound stage valve opens for the large volume flows. This provides a big improvement in terms of ride comfort without influencing the high-speed range.

    KW TVC-A Technology


    Twin Valve Compression – Adjustable

    The patented compression stage valve with TVC-A technology features two separate spring pre-tensioned valves for low and high volume flows.

    The compression stage which is tuned to the particular vehicle type on our 7-post rig is supplied with a mid-range factory setting. With 12 precise clicks the adjustable compression stage valve can increase or decrease the cross section in the low-speed valve to achieve more or less compression stage damping. At the same time, in the case of sud-den high piston speeds, the spring pre-tensioned needle valve and the spring pre-tensioned main valve open to their maximum cross section, utilizing the blow-off feature to prevent undesired progressive power surges in the high-speed range. This allows for improved bracing of the vehicle body while simultaneously offering more comfort than with con-ventional valve technology in the case of high wheel acccelleration. The compression stage damper setting is always supplied in combination with a separate rebound stage setting, as only one independent 2-way damper setting allows for true performance optimization.

    KW TVCLH-A Technology


    Twin Valve Compression Low High speed – Adjustable

    High-end motor sports technology for the most demanding street performance and track performance customers. The 3-way adjustable dampers utilize an independent and separately adjustable 2-way compression valve that enables compression damping changes for both the low and high-speed range. The compression adjustments are made via two adjustment controls on the housing using precise clicks. There are 16 settings for the high-speed range (with 15 clicks) and 7 settings for the low-speed range (with 6 clicks).

    During tuning at the KW 7-post Driving Dynamic Test Center, the V4 coilover suspension is tuned so the preset recommended setting for best road performance is in the middle of the adjustment range with an additional recommended settings for the occasional track use. The 3-Way Clubsport coilover suspension is tuned with a preset recommended setting designed for track day use, with an additional recommended setting for the normal highway use. Starting from the factory setting, the damping can be set harder or softer in both the low and high speed ranges. The TVCLH-A technology has a blow-off feature with large cross-sections which allows for a substantial low-speed forces to provide optimum support of the vehicle body without unsettling the body in the case of sudden high damper stimulation induced by the wheels, like driving over apex curbing. The separate low and high-speed settings are always supplied with an additional rebound setting utilizing TVR-A technology for a truly independent 3-way damper setup.


    Hydraulische Anhebung

    Lift It Up

    With KW’s hydraulic lift system (HLS) the body can be raised for more ground clearance with the touch of a button, even while driving. With KW’s HLS, obstacles like speed bumps or steep parking garage ramps can be negotiated easily. The system can be used as a vehicle-specific retrofit solution for OEM dampers or as a complete suspension solution including the hydraulic equipment. The KW hydraulic lift system is available for the front axle or for both axles, depending on the application.


    App Control

    The KW iSuspension Innovation

    With the KW iSuspension apps, customer-specific adjustments can be made simply and intuitively with your smartphone or tablet.

    1.) The DDC ECU coilover suspension app allows a choice of three defined damper setups, Comfort, Sport, or Sport+ and also allows a complete individual customization of the adaptive dampers settings during operation.

    2.) With the DLC app you can choose between a self-defined lowered suspension setting and the standard vehicle height. Precise adjustments can be made to the vehicle height when combined with our DLC air suspension modules.

    Both apps are free to download in the Apple and Google Play stores and required the respective product and WLan module to operate.


    KW Stainless Steel Technology "Inox-Line"

    Our KW stainless steel alloy "inox-line" coilovers are built to stand for many years of driving pleasure

    We consistently set our KW coilover kits to the highest quality standards for perfectly matched components and materials. This not only benefits our renowned racing applications for international motorsport, but also your KW coilovers for the road.

    All of our KW coilovers such as Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3, Variant 4, Street-Comfort, KW Clubsport 2-way and 3-way and the adaptive KW DDC coilovers are made of stainless steel. Whether it is the strut housing, the trapezoidal thread or the vehicle-specific brackets - we use only stainless steel. Our "inox-line" stainless steel alloy stands the test of time and elements for many years of driving pleasure, not just the life of the car.

    • Highly corrosion resistant
    • Unsurpassed quality
    • No signs of wear at the adjustment mechanism after long term use
    • Trapezoid thread in stainless steel ensures ease of ride height adjustment
    • High load tolerance

    The Real Truth - The KW Salt Spray Test

    How resistant are the KW "inox-line" coilovers to rust? We hear from our satisfied customers daily, but we still wanted to know more precisely so we worked together with the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen DE. The chemists and engineers at the university tested the KW "inox-line" coilover struts made of stainless steel along with nine other coilover struts from six different manufacturers.

    Competitors - Coilover suspensions, zinc-plated
    after 26 hours
    • First pitting corrosion and corrosion patches
    after 145 hours
    • Heavy rust formation begins, corrosion in gaps and weld seams
    after 229 hours
    • Parts are no longer able to move
    KW coilover "inox-line" stainless steel
    after 26 hours
    • inox-line, KW Variant 3 piston rods in perfect condition
    after 145 hours
    • inox-line, KW Variant 1 no corrosion detectable on struts
    after 229 hours
    • inox-line, KW Variant 1 easy to move, no corrosion

    • KW coilover struts "inox-line" Variant 1, 2 and 3
    • KW coilover struts galvanized in Variant 2
    • 5 competitors with new, galvanized coilover struts

    • 2x very good KW "inox-line“ Variant 1 & Variant 3
    • 1x good KW "inox-line“ Variant 2
    • 2x moderately good competitors
    • 1x moderate competitor
    • 2x poor competitors

    Final Test Result of the FH (University) Esslingen:

    KW coilover struts in stainless steel technology "inox line" are clearly superior to galvanized versions in terms of corrosion resistance,
    and ensure also after 480 hours a smooth operation.


    Install Guide: