aFe® (15-16) F-150 EcoBoost SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer

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Compatible: (3.5L)

2015 - 2016 Ford F-150


The SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer does not support any changes to your vehicle's emissions system.

Ultimate Performance:
This all-in-one performance programmer provides specially calibrated tunes for vehicles equipped with aFe POWER products to maximize your vehicles performance potential and driveability with a simple download.

aFe POWER Tunes:
It's the ultimate in performance enhancements. Customized tunes to reprogram your vehicles ECU to perform perfectly and produce maximum horsepower with aFe POWER products. The customer needs to register online ( and enter vehicle information to receive his custom tunes.

Connects to the vehicle's OBDII port and has Wi-Fi capability so you can download aFe POWER's custom tunes whenever or wherever you want. Can also be connected to a PC to download aFe POWER custom tunes.

Data Logging and Monitoring:
Monitor and display critical vehicle data using on-screen, full color customizable gauges. View, capture or download your vehicle's data on one device.

Diagnostic Tools:
The SCORCHER PRO Performance Programmer offers the capability to reads and clear DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).

*Tunes also available for factory equipped vehicles.



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