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R1 Concepts® (14-15) Camaro Z/28 Performance Sport Series Rear Brake Pads

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Compatible: (7.0L)

2014 - 2015 Chevy Camaro Z/28









Is There A Dust-Free Pad?

NO. All brake pads will leave a certain amount of dust or particles. Ceramic compound pads are generally considered non aggressive and low dust. The reason is because ceramic pads releases very light color dusts that are not that visible on the wheels. Keep in mind that the more aggressive the pads, the more dust and noise it will produce.

How To Break In New Brake Rotors And Pads

When you are ready to brake in your new brake rotors and pads, please perform these procedures in an empty parking lot or street.
1. Engage hard braking at 40 mph. Do not come to a complete stop.
2. Go 50 mph and jam the brakes just to the point of engaging ABS all the way down to 10 mph. Do not come to a complete stop, repeat this process 4 times.
3. Then go 65 mph and slow the car down to 15 mph to finish it up. 
4. Park the car and let the brakes cool down for 20 minutes.
Try not to have long gaps in between the hard stops and do not come to a full stop with the foot pressed hard on the brake pedals, as it will imprint the pad on the rotor which will cause vibration. You may notice a blue tint and dark grey color on the brake pad surface of the rotor as the brake pads are embedding into the rotor. You may even hear squeaking sounds, see smoke, or smell an odor; this is normal due to break-in period. It will take approximately 400-500 miles of moderate driving for the new brake pads to be fully embedded into the rotors which will then give optimal performance.

Install Guide: