Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler
Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Twin-Turbo Single Pass Intercooler


Mishimoto® Universal Air-to-Water Single Pass Intercooler

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    Keeping air intake temperatures low is the key to decreasing the impact of heat soak, reducing detonation, and producing consistent power output. As a result, Intercooler systems have evolved substantially over the last decade, bringing liquid-to-air intercoolers into popularity. To help bring the compact efficiency of air-to-water intercooling to your project, Mishimoto has developed a full lineup of high-performance air-to-water intercoolers.

    Our air-to-water intercoolers are available in single or dual-pass coolant flow configurations, each with multiple bar-and-plate core sizes and your choice of same-side or opposite-site outlets. These intercoolers support builds producing up to 1500 horsepower.

    When it comes to our intercoolers construction, robust is an understatement. Each intercooler features 5mm-thick cast-aluminum end tanks that are custom engineered for superb airflow, reducing overall pressure drop through the cooler. These tanks are professionally TIG-welded to our core, resulting in a pressure tolerance of up to 100 psi of boost. In addition, our intercooler design features unique CNC-machined ribbed inlet and outlet coupler connections, ensuring maximum grip between couplers and intercooler piping.

    Mounting and plumbing your air-to-water system can seem like a daunting task, but Mishimoto has made both tasks easy by incorporating -12ORB coolant ports into the core and providing a sturdy 1/8” thick steel universal mounting bracket. Adapting to your specific coolant line choice is easy with the Mishimoto -12ORB Aluminum Fitting selection.

    Mishimoto air-to-water intercoolers are finished with a sleek, durable, micro wrinkle black powder coat. As with all our products, these Mishimoto intercoolers include our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

    • Highly efficient air-to-water design delivers effective cooling in a compact package
    • Bar-and-plate core provides durability and efficient cooling for vehicles up to 1500hp
    • Cast-aluminum end tanks are custom engineered to yield superb airflow and durability
    • Available in multiple core sizes, end tank configurations, and single or dual pass coolant flow
    • All-aluminum professionally TIG-welded construction rated to 100psi of boost pressure
    • CNC-machined ribbed airflow inlet/outlet produces secure coupler connections
    • Sleek, subtle, and durable micro-wrinkle black powder coat finish
    • -12ORB coolant ports provide leak-free line connections
    • Includes robust 1/8” thick steel mounting bracket and hardware
    • Abundant coolant line options with Mishimoto’s -12ORB Aluminum Fittings
    • Pair with a Mishimoto Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger for the ultimate efficiency in your charge-air cooling setup
    • Multiple core sizes to choose from to fit the needs of your project
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty



    WEIGHT 25lbs
    COATING Powder Coated
    MAX REC. PSI 100
    OUTLET 500HP: 2.75"
    1000HP: 3.00"
    1500HP: 3.50"
    INLET 500HP: 2.75"
    1000HP: 3.00"
    1500HP: 3.50"
    CORE SIZE 500HP: 9.79" X 3.93" X 3.93"
    1000HP: 12.00" X 4.92" X 4.92"
    1500HP: 12.00" X 5.90" X 5.90"
    OVERALL LENGTH Same Side Inlet/Outlet: 13.61"
    Opposite Side Inlet/Outlet: 14.13"
    OVERALL HEIGHT 500HP: 9.25"
    1000HP: 10.75"
    1500HP: 12.37"
    OVERALL WIDTH 500HP: 3.93"
    1000HP: 4.92"
    1500HP: 5.90"



    (1) Mishimoto Air-To-Water Intercooler
    (1) Mounting Bracket
    (4) Mounting Bracket Bolts M6X1.0 X 16mm
    Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


    For those unfamiliar or who need a refresher on air-to-water intercooling, let’s review. When your turbo or supercharger compresses air to create boost, that process heats the intake air. Hot air isn’t as oxygen-dense as cold air and creates a less efficient burn in the cylinder, so it needs to be cooled, hence the intercooler. Air-to-air coolers utilize the ambient air rushing through the intercooler’s fins to whisk away the heat generated by compression. That means they’re much more effective when the intercooler is placed correctly, and the vehicle is moving forward. Slow-moving or stopped traffic could fill your intercooler with heat and rob some potential power from your vehicle. 

    Air-to-water systems resolve heat soak with the constant circulation of coolant through the intercooler. After pulling heat from the charge air in the intercooler, the coolant sheds heat through a secondary radiator, more commonly referred to as the heat exchanger, located at the front of the vehicle.

    One advantage of an air-to-water system is that water has much better thermal conductivity than air. In short, water can absorb and dissipate heat much more effectively than air. That means compact air-to-water intercooler cores are just as effective as monstrous air-to-air cores and have a constant cycle of fresh liquid coursing through the core for more consistent intake temperatures. In addition, since these intercoolers aren’t directly reliant on an air source, they can be placed anywhere in the engine bay, which is crucial for maintaining efficiency through the system. 

    Air-to-Water intercooler placement is much less restricted than air-to-air intercoolers. Often they’re butted up against the throttle body, like Infiniti’s VR30DDTT intercooler setup. Some manufacturers have even incorporated the intercooler into the intake manifold, drastically reducing the need for intercooler piping.

    One of the few advantages air-to-air systems had over air-to-water was the sheer amount of universal options available. No more! Armed with an extensive background in intercooling systems, our engineering team developed a line of air-to-water intercoolers suitable for just about any application. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system, convert from air-to-air, or you’re adding a forced induction and intercooling system to your vehicle, our line offers 12 different configurations for maximum customization. 

    Air-to-water systems pack a lot of cooling power in a small package, but size and shape are still important to maximizing performance. All our cores use a robust bar-and-plate construction with the option of single or dual-pass coolant configurations. We also developed three different cores optimized for vehicles up to 500, 1000, or 1500 HP. 

    Flow to and from the core is vital to your forced induction system, so we ensured that our end tanks were built to handle plenty of boost pressure. Every intercooler end tank is 5mm of solid cast aluminum, which provides ample strength and a slick surface for the charged air to flow over. These end tanks are secured to the core by precision TIG welds and are available with same-side or opposite-side outlets to maximize fitment potential. 

    Inlet size is key to your intercooler’s maximum potential. Knowing this, we made sure to size the inlets on our intercoolers appropriately for each core size, ranging from 2.75″ to 3.5″ for consistent flow through the core. Our inlets are also precision CNC-machined to size and include ribbing for extra grip on silicone and rubber couplers. 

    Every intercooler includes our solid 1/8″ steel bracket and mounting hardware to relieve some of the stress when mounting your intercooler. 

     Finished off in a sleek micro-wrinkle black powder coat, these intercoolers look right at home under the hood of any vehicle. No matter if you’re building a drag monster or just looking to get more consistent intake air temperatures, our universal air-to-water intercooler line has you covered. Make sure that you pair your intercooler with one of our performance heat exchangers for the best results!




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