Mishimoto® (20-23) BWM M3/M4 G8X Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System


Mishimoto® (20-23) BWM M3/M4 G8X Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System

Carbon Fiber Finish
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Compatible: (3.0L)

2020 - 2023 BMW M3 - G80

2021 - 2023 BMW M4 - G82/G83



The M3 has undergone significant evolution over the years, with each new iteration bringing something new to the table. From the brilliant widebody E30 of the eighties to the exotic sounding V8-powered E9X, each generation has its own identity but holds true to the goals of providing an amazing driving experience. The G8X gets one of the most potent engines produced by BMW to date, the S58B30, along with an option for AWD. Enhancing the S58 was something we set our sights on soon after acquiring a G80 of our own, the first project being our air intake system.

Airbox volume, shape, and construction material all play a part in delivering maximum airflow to your engine. Our engineering team created extremely precise carbon fiber airboxes that eliminate restrictions, supply maximum cool-air entry via two additional ports that open to the wheel wells, and improve engine bay aesthetics. The use of carbon fiber material ensures the air intake system will incur minimum engine bay heat soak and provides unmatched aesthetic appeal. Our airboxes were designed using the latest in 3D printing, CAD modeling, and flow bench technology. As a result, we reduced air intake restriction by 13% on the driver-side intake tract and 22.8% on the passenger-side intake tract. For proper filtration, this kit includes dual high-flow oiled air filters which provide improved filter surface area and improved airflow over the stock panel filters.

In addition to the flow benefits, our intake system provides a significant amplification of turbocharger spool and bypass valve venting. These enhanced sounds provide a new level of enjoyment, adding to the incredible driving experience you expect from a BMW M-Series.

The Mishimoto 2021+ BMW G8X M3/M4 Performance Intake is a complete bolt-on kit and includes all necessary components for an easy installation. As with all Mishimoto products, this carbon fiber performance intake kit includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

    • Direct fit for 2021+ BMW G8X M3/M4 with 3.0L S58B30
    • Constructed from solid 3K twill-woven carbon fiber in matte or gloss finish
    • Reduces intake restriction by up to 22.8% for more power potential
    • Provides safe operation on a stock ECU tune
    • Aggressive intake tone under acceleration
    • Additional fresh air ducts draw cool air from wheel wells
    • Amplifies turbocharger spool and bypass valve venting
    • Carbon fiber airboxes and intake tubes provide optimal airflow, outstanding rigidity, and maximum heat-soak resistance
    • CNC-machined aluminum connectors for maximum durability and a leak-free install
    • Precision-engineered using the latest in 3D printing, CAD modeling, and flow bench technology
    • CNC-Machined passenger-side turbo inlet improves flow and durability
    • Installs in less than 1 hour with no need to remove the front bumper or undertray
    • Washable oiled filters can be cleaned and refreshed using our Filter Re-Oil Kit for a lifetime of use
    • Patent Pending
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


(1) Driver-Side Intake Airbox Assembly
(1) Driver-Side Air Filter, Oiled
(1) Driver-Side Intake Tube Grommet
(1) Driver-Side Intake Tube Coupler
(1) Driver-Side CNC Quick-Disconnect Fitting
(1) Passenger-Side Intake Airbox Assembly
(1) Passenger-Side Air Filter, Oiled
(1) Passenger-Side Intake Tube Grommet
(1) Passenger-Side Intake Tube Coupler
(1) Passenger-Side Aluminum Turbocharger Outlet
(5) CNC-Machined Airbox Peg Kits
(4) Stainless Steel Worm Gear Clamps
Hardware Kit
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty



Our planning started with the evaluation of the stock system, which we covered in our last post. But the design process requires much more than just looking at the OEM components, so our engineer, Ye, started digging further into the Bimmer and creating a digital workspace. 

Thanks to powerful CAD programs, like SolidWorks, much of our design process can be condensed and performed virtually. However, we still need some hands-on time with the vehicle, specifically when building the workspace. This is where the Faro Design ScanArm comes in handy. With this 3D scanner, Ye converts our G80’s engine bay into a scale digital workspace, complete with every nook, cranny, and potential fitment obstruction. 

This is a look at Ye’s blank canvas to design our new intake. With this scan file, she now has the exact build envelope for the intake. 

With the workspace created, Ye needs to know precisely where to focus her efforts to reduce restrictions through both intake systems. From experience alone, she knows where to start, but to ensure nothing gets missed, Ye installs the G80’s intakes on our flow bench. In addition, we installed sensors at various points throughout each system to help pinpoint trouble spots. 

With all of the data collected, Ye can dive straight into creating the new design. We’re planning on a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) rotational-molded design. This construction method gives us more freedom in the design phase because we can create complex shapes that better suit the M3’s engine bay. The XLPE also resists engine bay heat, meaning the intake will resist heat soak. 

We have big plans for our G80’s intake system. Next up, we’ll need to triple-check our work and test fit our new design. So, make sure you stay tuned for our prototyping update coming soon!  


To start with our final testing, we need to rewind to our prototype of this new design. This prototype kit was always destined to pull double duty, both for checking our fitment along with performance testing, so we ensured that our 3D prints could withstand the heat under the M3’s hood. Make sure that you head to our last post to check out our test fit and how we prepared our kit for testing.

Our testing started on the flow bench. This device can either push or pull precise volumes of air, measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM, through each intake, which allows for an accurate comparison between the stock units and our design. Our engineer, Ye, installed an array of sensors throughout each side of the intake to pinpoint the areas that pose the most restriction and generate an overall flow reading. Since the amount of air flowing through these intakes will vary as you drive the car, Ye blasted a range from 100 to 300 CFM through the intercoolers to simulate the vehicle’s entire powerband. While both sides of the S58’s intake work to achieve the same goal, they still operate independently of each other, so we made sure to record our data as such. We saw a 13% reduction in flow restriction on the passenger-side intake and 22.8% on the driver’s side through our testing.

For the true test, we strapped our M3 Competition up to our Dynapacks for a round of dyno testing. Before we even programmed load on our packs, though, we already knew we were fighting an uphill battle thanks to the speed density based tune that these vehicles utilize from the factory. For those unfamiliar with the concept of speed density tuning, the simple version is that the S58 determines its fueling needs from a pre-loaded table based on the air temperature, manifold pressure logged from the MAP sensor, and the O2 sensor. There are plenty of advantages to this tuning style, but the one major downside is that bolt-on modifications aren’t nearly as potent on stock-tuned vehicles. For more information on vehicle tuning, make sure that you head over to our technical article overviewing the two main options:

Air Metering 101: MAF vs. Speed Density

That all said, after compiling all of our testing data, the result was just as expected. The ECU adjusted to compensate for the additional airflow to retain the same power output but with an improved induction soundtrack. So now you might be asking, “why even upgrade the intake if it doesn’t make power out of the box?” Well, we’re glad you asked. In short, it depends on your modification plans. If you plan to add even more power to the already staggering output of the S58, then an intake upgrade is a must. Performance tunes and big turbo upgrades require more air for the best power potential, so reducing intake restriction is ideal for solidifying your platform further for more significant power figures.

The sixth iteration of M3 puts BMW’s own slogan to the test while routinely raising the bar for both comfort and performance. Even still, what’s widely considered the pinnacle of automotive bliss still has enthusiasts questioning how to make their ultimate driving machine even more ultimate 

Install Guide:

Engineering Report:



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