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Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)
Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)


Mantic® (18-23) Mustang GT Cerametallic Twin Disc Clutch Kit (White Box)

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    Compatible: (5.0L)

    2018 - 2023 Ford Mustang GT  


    For the new 2018-2020 Mustang GT, a clutch redesign was required as the components are slightly different than the 2011-17 Mustang S550 models. This kit utilizes a special lightened aluminum flywheel compared to the steel units on previous models. Expect the same light pedal feel along with high torque capacity the Mantic 9000 series is known for. Easy to drive on the street but with more capacity. Great for for N/A or Forced Induction. White Box Clutch Kits Do NOT Include the Release Bearing





    • SFI Approved 1.1
    • All Billet Construction
    • No Flex at High RPM
    • High Torque Capacity
    • All in One Complete Kit
    • Lightened Flywheel
    • Throwout Bearing NOT Included
    • Completely Rebuildable
    • 1010 Ft-Lbs Torque at Crank*
    • 820-850 Ft-Lbs Torque at Wheels*
    • Low Pedal Effort 
    • 12-15% increase over the OE clutch pedal feel. 
    • 9" x 1-1/16" x 23 Spline
    • NOTE: Capacity will vary with use and type of power adder being utilized ( NA vs Supercharger vs Nitrous vs Turbo )

    Mantic 2018-2020 Mustang Twin Disc Clutch Flywheel Kit

    Complete Kit Includes

    • Lightened Aluminum Flywheel ( 16-18 lbs )
    • Twin Disc Clutch - Cerametallic Material
    • New Flywheel Bolts
    • All Necessary Hardware
    • Double Sealed Roller Bearing 
    • White Box Packaging
    • White Box Clutch Kits Do NOT Include the Release Bearing

    The Mantic Advantage

    Our Mantic Clutch kit uses the unique sprung center with cushioned twin disc design. This equates to more torque capacity and heat resistance while retaining excellent drivability. The Mantic twin disc clutches also use 9" diameter discs that greatly reduces the MOI (Moment of Inertia). This allows more power to the ground as well as quicker more precise shifts. The lightweight flywheel revs quicker compared to the heavier OE flywheels. The billet red cover and supporting components are machined from billet stock adding strength and durability. Billet will not flex under heavy load like the typical weaker stamped steel kits.


    Mantic ER2 Clutch - Groovey Technology Explained


    The ER2 single disc clutch is designed to transmit more torque and better cooling. Choose the Mantic ER2 clutch if your looking for a single disc with more capacity then a stock OEM clutch. It's the patented Groove design and dual friction material to make this a smooth driving clutch kit with extra torque capacity. Optional all cerametallic friction material for max performance applications. 

    Mantic ER2 Clutch Groove Technology


    The ER2 offers a mix of organic and cerametallic friction material making it the best of both worlds. Perfect for the the N/A build or the vehicle that needs a better than stock clutch with added durability but doesn't want to upgrade to a twin disc.

    Mantic ER2 Clutch Disc and Flywheel Kit 

    ER2 Features

    • Dual face Organic / Cerametallic Disc
    • 60% more torque than a standard clutch kit
    • Patented ERgroove design
    • Better cooling of the pressure plate
    • Higher coefficient of friction materials
    • Organic facing ring in contact with the pressure plate 
    • Segmented cerametallic facing on the flywheel side

    Complete Kit Includes

    • ER2 Grooved Pressure Plate
    • Single Disc Clutch
    • Organic/Cerametallic or Cerametallic/Cerametallic
    • Steel or Aluminum Flywheel
    • Adapter Bearing
    • Bolts - Flywheel and Pressure Plate 

    It features the patented groove design we call ER2, which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. Capable of transmitting greater than 60% more torque than a standard clutch kit, Mantic Street with ER2 is suitable for high performance vehicles. Perfect upgrade for any vehicle that wants more holding power than the stock clutch but isn't ready for a dual disc setup. 


    How to Assemble a Triple Disc Clutch

    Proper assembly is required to keep all parts in proper working order. We actually spend a lot of time on the phone with incorrect installs, hopefully this will solve the problem. Here are a few tips to keep everything in-line and functioning as it should.

    1) Wipe all surfaces clean

    2) Align friction pads

    3) Align anti-rattle springs

    4) Make sure drive blocks are in the groove

    5) Make sure bolts are in the groove at back of the flywheel

    6) Use the alignment tool to line up discs 


    Organic or Cerametallic Clutch Material, What's Best?


    At Mantic Clutch USA we offer two main types of clutch material, organic and cerametallic. Each of the materials serve a direct purpose for driving style and horsepower range. Both are friendly on the street and allow a strong advantage over the stock OE style clutches. Lets go over a few of the features and benefits to help determine which is best for your application. 



    Perfect for the everyday driver with more power than stock offering smooth engagement and release. An organic clutch will stand up to hard use, but it won’t be able to take repeated heavy abuse because it will overheat. If you track the car frequently, choose the cerametallic material. Break in period is around 300-500 miles. Features more torque capacity and heat resistance than stock while retaining excellent drivability and its easy on the leg. Great for N/A, turbo, supercharger or nitrous depending on usage.

    Torque Capacity at Crank: 600

    Torque Capacity at Wheels: 500-525


    Organic Clutch ~ Mantic Clutch USA



    More aggressive than organic but it serves the purpose with higher capacity and more durability. This is our most popular option and is the favorite friction material for those who drive their car daily yet head to the track on the weekends. Most who choose the cerametallic option are normally forced induction, nitrous or turbo applications, even the bigger N/A cars frequently choose this more durable option. 

    Pedal effort remains relatively low, approximately 12-15% increase over the OE clutch pedal feel yet the strength in material is still capable for any heavy duty usage. Due to the type of material, this clutch will almost bite down instantly, perfect for quick precise shifting to help maintain RPM levels and keep power to the ground. Break in period is 500+ miles, depending on driving conditions.

    Torque Capacity at Crank: 1000-1010

    Torque Capacity at Wheels: 820-850


    Ceremetallic Clutch ~ Mantic Clutch USA


    Which Clutch Should I Buy? 

    When choosing a clutch you should always select the friction material that fits your needs based on power levels, type of driving and future goals. Our organic material will handle a wide variety of uses, including daily street driving and with limited racing. Cerametallic is the most durable option for the serious builds that require the best clutch without upgrading to a full race style system. If your running a supercharger, heads & cams, single/twin turbo or even the fun loving nitrous, we suggest running the cerametallic material!! 




    Mantic 9000 Clutch vs McLeod RXT / RST


    The Mantic 9000 twin disc clutch comparison to the McLeod RXT/RST is common since both are popular clutches. There are some major variances between the two, for example the Mantic Clutch kits include the flywheel, bearing and all install hardware. Let's dive into the benefits and comparison data between the two twin disc kits. 


     Basics of a 9000 Series Clutch 

    The Mantic twin is available in either organic or cerametallic material with either a lightened steel or aluminum flywheel.

    The Mantic 9000 is shipped ready to go and is packaged as a complete set that includes a matched flywheel, throwout bearing, alignment tool and all necessary hardware for the installation, even new bolts!! 

    Mantic 9000 Clutch Carrying Case


    The Mantic twin disc uses a number of billet components for precise tolerances in manufacturing designed for seamless clutch operation at high temperatures. This means there is minimal flexing when compared to our competitors stamped and cast components. 


    Features & Benefits Compared 


    Mantic 9000 Twin Disc McLeod RXT RST

    • Mantic Premium Organic or Cerametallic friction material for smooth drivability (vs lower quality organic & ceramic)
    • Mantic Sprung Hub Discs make for a quiet idle (vs noisy solid hubs)
    • Mantic Light Pedal Effort is similar to the OE clutch it replaces
    • Mantic LOWER Moment of Inertia means more power to the ground
    • Mantic Billet Clutch Cover does not deflect under heavy usage (vs stamped steel cover which can flex)
    • Mantic Billet Steel Pressure Ring is lighter and rebuildable, machined to a specific tolerance (vs a heavy cast pressure ring)
    • Mantic Billet Steel Drive blocks are used for added stability between the discs (vs flexible drive straps that can buckle under deceleration)
    • Mantic Anti-Rattle Springs for quiet operation
    • Mantic Lightened Billet Flywheel is included as a matched set (vs purchasing a separate flywheel)

    Mantic Clutches are preferred by the most discerning professionals due to precise engineering and strict manufacturing tolerances. From 100 to 1000+ horsepower, Mantic is THE BEST CHOICE for your next performance clutch upgrade. 



    Choose the Right Clutch

    Want to get the most out of your Mantic Clutch upgrade? Then you need to select a clutch that will meet your driving habits and performance needs. Choosing the proper clutch requires an accurate assessment of driving style, horsepower level and vehicle usage. Following our clutch selection guide will help you determine which performance clutch is best for your car. Each application is unique and specific, whether street or track we have the right clutch for you!   





    Clutch Break In Procedure

    CLUTCH “BEDDING IN” Instructions

    Mantic Organic and Cerametallic clutches are a premium performance option and require a specific break in procedure for proper operation. Please follow the same procedure for our 9000 series clutch kits and our ER2 single disc clutch kits.

    The proper break in procedure is highly important to the operation, longevity and overall performance of the clutch. To gain the maximum torque capacity from the clutch, it must be given ample time to “Bed, or Wear In”. This allows for some of the friction material to transfer from the discs to the intermediate plates and Flywheel surface. Provides a uniform coefficient of friction for the entire clutch.

    We recommend as much “Stop and Go” driving as possible. Simple around town driving is best. Vehicles are best to see 300-500 miles of regular “Stop and Go” driving before WOT accelerations or ANY dyno pulls or testing.

    Failure to bed the clutch in may result in glazing of the material, causing shudder, slippage and noise during operation.

    Failing to properly “Bed, or Wear In” the clutch will immediately void any warranty on the clutch.