KSport® CFD250-ASO  (15-19) Mustang Airtech Front and Rear Air Strut Assemblies
KSport® CFD250-ASO  (15-19) Mustang Airtech Front and Rear Air Strut Assemblies
KSport® CFD250-ASO  (15-19) Mustang Airtech Front and Rear Air Strut Assemblies


KSport® (15-23) Mustang S550 Airtech Front/Rear Air Strut Assemblies

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    Compatible: (2.3L/3.7L/5.0L/5.2L)

    2015 - 2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

    2015 - 2017 Ford Mustang V6 

    2015 - 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

    2020 - 2023 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500




    All Ksport Airtech Kits feature high quality air bags, proven to handle the stress and abuse of daily driving as well as drift circuit use. Take advantage of the near infinite adjustability thanks to the adjustable lower mount, 36 levels of damping adjustment, and the unmatched height adjustability (0-120/200mm depending on vehicle) of air suspension. These air suspension kits are designed for easy bolt-on installation. No modifications to OEM shock absorbers, or OEM top mounts is required. Vehicle may need to be modified for airline routing.

    Adjustable Lower Mounts

    Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount, which means height adjustability without losing suspension travel—a problem found in many coilover systems available today. Since mounts and most pieces in the coilover system are designed from 6061 billet aluminum, the components are lightweight, durable, and rust resistant.

    Protection Against Corrosion

    Steel shock bodies are electroplated with zinc to resist rust and protect from the elements. The shock or strut valving for each piece is matched accordingly to the spring rate, giving superior ride quality and reliability.

    Superior Ride Quality & Reliability

    The Ksport system uses a Monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube construction, the Monotube design dissipates heat faster and more evenly, allows finer damping adjustments, and requires more expensive design process. Aeration and cavitation issues are a lot less common in a Monotube design, which results in a more consistent ride quality.

    Wide Range Height Adjustability
    Range of lowering is 0 to 120/200mm depending on vehicle.


    High Pressure Air Bags
    Engineered and designed to match your vehicle. Sleeve type and double bellow type bags are available depending on what type of OEM suspension your vehicle has. Air pressure directly corresponds with how stiff or soft your car rides. Higher PSI = stiffer ride. Lower PSI = softer ride. Each car is different, and it may take some time to dial in your preferred settings.

    High Performance Ksport Shock Absorbers
    Every air kit comes with the same quality shocks that are standard in our Kontrol Pro coilover kits. Air kit shocks have a different internal valving setting to accommodate changes in PSI.


    Adjustable Lower Mount?
    Adding further fine tuning of your ride height at any PSI setting you chose is the ability to have an adjustable lower mount just like our coilover kits. The benefit to this is being able to get the perfect ride height at basically any PSI you are comfortable driving at.

    36 Way Adjustable Damping
    All Ksport AirTech kits offer 36 levels of damping which allow you the ability to dial in your air suspension even further. Set damping softer (counterclockwise) or stiffer (clockwise) by simply inserting the included damping knob and turning it either way.

    12 Month Limited Warranty
    Our warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase which covers manufacturer defects.