HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit
HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit


HKS® (09-20) Nissan 370Z HiperMax IV SP Coilover Kit

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    Compatible: (3.7L)

    2009 - 2020 Nissan 370Z 


    The sport model to have a comfortable drive even in the winding road.

    This "MAX IV SP" is the ultimate sport model for such a high grip radial tire. It will transfer the feelings straight to driver all kinds of information such as tire, road surface condition and traction. It's a perfect street sport model suspension for people who love to drive fast but still want comfort.




    The sport model to have a comfortable drive even in the winding road.




    Application   Specification
    Engine VQ37VHR
    Model Year 2009 -
    Damping force adjustment 30 steps 30 steps
    Base valve - -
    Height adjustable lower bracket
    Upper mount Spherical bearing Rubber
    Inverted/Normal type Normal Normal
    Damper/Spring layout Coilover Separated
    Spring rate change at factory Possible Possible
    Damping force adjustment with wire - -
    Helper spring
    (Spring rate N/mm)
    ○ ( 19.8 ) ○ ( 19.8 )


    Ride Height mm
      Factory *2 Test data Adjustable range
    High - Low *3
    Drivable range
    High - Low *4
    FRONT Ride height *1 689 703 ~ 669 703 ~ 669
    Against stock -14 0 ~ -34 0 ~ -34
    REAR Ride height *1 690 708 ~ 657 708 ~ 657
    Against stock -18 0 ~ -51 0 ~ -51
    *1. Height from road surface to fender arch.
    *2. Height at factory is the data tested at HKS with the setting of Full Kit. (HKS' recommended setting.)
    *3. Adjustable range (However, the lowest value may not be road legal.
    Even within the adjustable range, car body, arm etc. may contact. In such case, it will be hard to drive.
    Damper oil leakage or any other problems caused by low ride height setting from the factory setting will void the warranty of the product.)
    *4. Drivable range that there is no contact of car body or arms etc. (However, change of tire/wheel size may cause a problem.)
    Caution). Actual data depends on each vehicle.


    Kit information
    Spring of Full Kit
      F R
    Spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) 137 ( 14 ) 157 ( 16 )
    Free height (mm) 200 170
    Spring type Straight Straight
    Recommended range to change spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm) ±20 ( 2 ) ±20 ( 2 )
    Specification of damper
      F R
    Damping force (Rebound/Damping)N* 2785 / 569 726 / 333
    Default position of dial 15 15
    Remaining damper stroke (Rebound/Damping)mm 55 / 35 77 / 58
    * The value of the damping force is at piston speed of 0.1m/sec.
    Setting data
      F R
    Default Test Drivable limit
    High *
    Drivable limit
    Low *
    Default Test Drivable limit
    High *
    Drivable limit
    Low *
    Length of
    case (mm)
    428 436 421 381 381 395 364
    Set length(mm)
    239 239 244 - - - -
    Length to ride hight
    adjuster (mm)
    64 72 52 35 35 46 15
    Lever ratio 1.67 1.67(spg) , 1.28(dmp)
    * Refer to the above explanation *3 of ride height information for drivable high and low limitations.


    Test vehicle information
      F R
    Vehicle weight kg - -
    Tire size (Air pressure) kPa 245 / 35 - 20 ( 280 ) 285 / 30 - 20 ( 290 )
    Wheel size 9.5 JJ × 20 inset 40 10.5 JJ × 20 inset 30
    Test data 0 mm / -1°18' in 1 mm / -2°24'
    Standard value in 3.0 ~ in 1.0 mm / -0°45'± 0°45' in 5.4 ~ 2.0 mm / -1°45'± 0°30'
    * Test data at HKS.


    Parts List * It may be changed without prior notice.




    ・The high rating MAXⅣSP for Z33 is also available for Z34 now. This suspension kit is designed for high-grip radial tires which can be used on circuits. 
    ・It is common to use a specially shaped spring for separated suspension. Consider of changing the spring rates in this sports suspension kit. The retainer type for straight coil spring in MAXⅣSP Z33 is used in this set up. 
    Suitable damper setting reduces unnecessary movement in sports use, which also improves drivability and creates more grips on tires with fast response in cornering. Smooth and firmly feeling is defined in this set up.
    By adjusting the damper softer, it eliminates the stiffness for daily uses. Also, it absorbs the shock from upthrusts to an acceptable level on normal streets.
    Recommended dial setting for circuit is 0~10, winding road and high speed is 10~20, normal street is 20~30.
    For those who are aiming for driving at international class circuits, it is recommended to give up the ride comfort and upgrade the spring rate by 2mm/kg to be more steady.
    High-grip radial tires are used in the test circuit. We recommend to install the size that is matching the stock tire outer diameter. Also, enhancing the water and oil cooling system and installing the LSD are recommended.
    ●Required Modification for Installation  Vehicle's interior modification is required to install the adjustment dial for rear damping force.



    Single Tube Damper Design

    Mono tube dampers allow for more accurate and stable control and adjustment of dampening. Lower ride height and center of gravity gives a more stable ride.


    Dust Boot

    Protect the shaft from the flying stones.


    PNE Coating

    Using this special surface coating provides 5 times better durability over standard galvanising. This prevents build-up around the threads of the adjustment areas allowing for easier height adjustment.


    M Shaft (Φ46 normal type)

    With the new design of cylinder shaft since the HIPERMAX M-1, MAX IV increased the cylinder shaft size to have a firm damping even at a little stroke range by optimizing the oil pressure characteristic. We mainly adopted this to the rear damper that can have a better driving experience.


    Adopted Pillow Ball Upper Mount

    For more accurate and sharp steering.


    New Design Needle

    Newly designed needle has been used to revise the very low speed and middle and high speed dampening which is key to a comfort ride.


    Reduction of Unsprung Weight

    In order to reduce unsprung weight, bracket, ride height adjusters and lock nuts are made from aluminium. (Not for all vehicles)


    30 Step Damping Force Adjustment

    30 levels of dampening adjustment allow fine tune adjustment for street, circuit winding roads, highway, or the weight of the vehicle.



    Recently, a lot of high performance cars feature electronic control of damping force adjustment. HKS assumed it would be best to keep stock electronic control system but add an additional flexibility and offers a height adjustable spring. HKS height adjustable springs kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. With included high adjuster it is possible to select different height suiting your car and enjoy more sporty ride.

    In October 1973, two talented and spirited young engineers had a vision; to design and build high performance engines and components that major OE manufacturers could not or would not produce.


    Led by Hiroyuki Hasegawa, a former engineer for Yamaha Motor Company, and his partner Mr.Kitagawa, the two secured a capital infusion from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd. (hence the name “HKS ”), and began tuning gasoline powered engines in a dairy-farming shed at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan.


    A year later, Mr. Hasegawa designed and built the first aftermarket turbocharger for passenger cars and has never looked back.


    HKS pioneered the Japanese aftermarket performance industry by delivering a host of exciting new products, including the first commercially available electronic turbo timer and boost controller. Other early products included piggy-back fuel computers and sophisticated fuel management tools.  Clearly HKS was Driving Performance trends for Japanese vehicles.


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