HKS® (07-11) GT-R R35 Differential Oil Cooler Kit
HKS® (07-11) GT-R R35 Differential Oil Cooler Kit
HKS® (07-11) GT-R R35 Differential Oil Cooler Kit
HKS® (07-11) GT-R R35 Differential Oil Cooler Kit


HKS® (07-11) GT-R R35 Differential Oil Cooler Kit

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    Compatible: (3.8L)

    2007 - 2011 Nissan GT-R 






    Differential Oil Cooler Kit for R35 GT-R is released now. High performance vehicle R35 GT-R's differential oil temperature tends to be very high under severe conditions such as circuit driving. High differential oil temperature may affect on the lubricant performance and/or LSD's performance maintenance. HKS Diff Oil Cooler Kit was developed to solve these problems. HKS Diff Oil Cooler can maintain the differential oil temperature and prevent the oil degradation.






    • Oil Cooler Core Size: 200×132×48 (Cooling Fin). This core was designed specifically for R35.
    • Core's installation position is inside the rear under cover. With a special air duct, it can let air into the core and cool it efficiently.
    • The air duct was made of CFRP. It can match with the factory rear under cover.
    • Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses are used for oil piping.
    • HKS original Oil Pump is included in the kit for reliable operation and accurate oil flow maintenance.
    • Relay box, harnesses, and ON/OFF switch to install the oil pump are included in the kit.

    * In-house test was conducted in Fuji International Speedway. The test result showed that the differential oil temperature was dropped approximately by 37℃. The result also showed that the DCT oil temperature dropped approximately by 5℃, and coolant temperature approximately by 3℃. (NOTE) The data above were based on the in-house test results. The results may vary depending on the driving conditions and/or vehicle's specifications.



    CFRP Air Duct

    This air duct is to optimize the core's performance. CFRP was used to match with the factory rear under cover. A flat type torques bolt was chosen for better appearance.



    HKS MUFFLER installed

    The layout was designed not to come in contact with any other vehicle and maintain the cooling performance. Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses were chosen for piping.



    Recently, a lot of high performance cars feature electronic control of damping force adjustment. HKS assumed it would be best to keep stock electronic control system but add an additional flexibility and offers a height adjustable spring. HKS height adjustable springs kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. With included high adjuster it is possible to select different height suiting your car and enjoy more sporty ride.

    In October 1973, two talented and spirited young engineers had a vision; to design and build high performance engines and components that major OE manufacturers could not or would not produce.


    Led by Hiroyuki Hasegawa, a former engineer for Yamaha Motor Company, and his partner Mr.Kitagawa, the two secured a capital infusion from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd. (hence the name “HKS ”), and began tuning gasoline powered engines in a dairy-farming shed at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan.


    A year later, Mr. Hasegawa designed and built the first aftermarket turbocharger for passenger cars and has never looked back.


    HKS pioneered the Japanese aftermarket performance industry by delivering a host of exciting new products, including the first commercially available electronic turbo timer and boost controller. Other early products included piggy-back fuel computers and sophisticated fuel management tools.  Clearly HKS was Driving Performance trends for Japanese vehicles.


    Since its beginning, HKS has been committed to providing well-integrated, reliable,and environmentally sound performance systems. Mr. Hasegawa ’s strong leadership, engineering genius, creativity and willingness to listen to customers are the pillars of the company ’s success. Monitoring consumer reaction and input on issues pertaining to material quality, external appearance, sound quality, and of course, performance, HKS stays in tune with automotive enthusiasts’ needs. Moreover, HKS’ products are designed to be user friendly for easy installation.


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