GForce® (09-14) CTS-V Sedan 3.5″ Aluminum Driveshaft (Manual Trans) - 10 Second Racing
GForce® (09-14) CTS-V Sedan 3.5″ Aluminum Driveshaft (Manual Trans) - 10 Second Racing


GForce® (09-14) CTS-V Sedan 3.5″ Aluminum Driveshaft (Manual Trans)

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Compatible: (6.2L)

2009 - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V 


GForce recommends the upgrade of the differential and/or cradle bushings. OEM factory bushings in most independent rear suspension applications are great for luxury but have proven to be a burden for performance. We strongly advise anyone looking to increase the performance of their vehicle by adding GForce Performance Engineering products, also consider upgrading the items that support our products. Such as bushings or lockout kits for both the center section and subframe cradle. These items will help control pinion movement and also help keep the rear of the car planted to help avoid “wheel hop” which can damage just about any driveline component. Damage related to inadequate bushings and excess driveshaft movement WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. 

Please note it is the responsibility of the installer to check for clearance while installing any GForce product. While these products are designed as an upgrade for the OEM product, GForce does not guarantee fitment with ANY other aftermarket product. i.e. Aftermarket exhaust. Even though these applications feature a “fixed” differential and transmission, there is still significant driveline movement, especially under load. (see note above) This movement can put driveshafts and/or axles in close proximity of to other chassis components. Please take this into consideration when installing GForce Performance Engineering products.



GForce Performance Engineering aluminum driveshafts are precision-engineered, one-piece driveshafts designed for use in high-performance, high-horsepower vehicles. At home on the street, the dragstrip or the track, these driveshafts are built to withstand aggressive driving while providing the mild manners you expect from a late-model performance application.

These aluminum driveshafts are designed with a tightly-fitted, inverted splined slip-assembly that lets the shaft plunge in and out but also gives the shaft stability at high RPM while maintaining unparalleled strength. The splined area comes with a boot to protect it from dust and other road debris.

In addition, every aluminum shaft features solid-core, heavy-duty U-Joints front and rear. They are also high-speed balanced on precision balancing machines to maintain critical tolerances and to ensure each shaft meets the strict balancing specification necessary for trouble free operation.

While each application is different, GForce has designed these aluminum driveshafts to be an upgrade for the factory driveshaft. Some applications require the use of a billet aluminum adapter (included). Other applications will feature a direct-fit flange yoke. In either case, all hardware is included and will bolt directly to your factory transmission or differential flange.


6061-T6 Aluminum DOM Driveshaft Spec Tube
Splined Slip-Shaft Design
Solid Core Heavy-Duty U-Joints Front & Rear
CNC-Machined Billet Adapters (where applicable)
Reduced Rotating Mass
Quicker Driveline Response