EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit
EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit
EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit
EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit
EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit
EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit


EBC® (14-21) WRX Stage 15 Slotted Front Brake Kit

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    Compatible: (2.0L)

    2014 - 2021 Subaru WRX 



     Photo: EBC Extra Duty Brake Pads

    Photo: EBC Extra Duty Brake Pads
    • British made top quality product
    • Backing plate steels feature NUCAP NRS system hook technology for 5 times the bond strength of conventional pads (read this link for more info)
    • Noiseless material with piston insert NUCAP insulator shims
    • High volume Vee grooves in pads to vent better and remove dirt dust and debris actually cooling the centre hot areas of the pad better
    • Fade free brake material capable of a wide range of operational temperatures
    • More brake “grip” than stock and most low cost aftermarket pads at less cost than original parts
    • Longer life than any other pad we have ever made and we think, longer life than anything else out there in the aftermarket, including stock pads
    • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install


    EBC Automotive brake rotors are made from G3000 spec cast iron and full specifications and properties can be seen here!

    Runout figures above this will lead to vibration after 3000 to 4000 miles due to what we call disc thickness variation (wearing a thin spot on the high point of the rotor as it runs off-true) which is not a warranty condition.

    So you see this is no cheap import brake disc. These brake discs have the highest integrity and product quality on the aftermarket. An OE quality replacement disc, made of the finest grade iron and a perfect replacement disc for any car.

    Every EBC rotor is runout inspected on this machine. Even when manufactured on state of the art precision machines, not even ONE single disc escapes this process guaranteeing perfect disc alignment. If during install you notice runout on your car it will surely be due to a chassis alignment that happens on one in seven cars, usually cased by nudging a curb or hitting a pothole in the road earlier in driving the vehicle. This is ONLY cured by aligning the rotors on a Pro Cut lathe and how to achieve that is explained HERE