CSF Racing® 7073 - Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator
CSF Racing® 7073 - Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator
CSF Racing® 7073 - Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator
CSF Racing® 7073 - Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator
CSF Racing® 7073 - Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator


CSF Racing® (15-23) Mustang Triple Pass 42mm Performance Radiator

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    Compatible: (2.3L/5.0L)

    2015 - 2023 Ford Mustang



    Ford made history in 2015 with the 50th anniversary Mustang. By going global, the iconic Pony is now sold in over 140 countries making it one of the most popular sports cars in the world. As more of these Mustangs get in the hands of high horsepower junkies and motorsports enthusiasts, someone’s got to keep these Ponies cool! Introducing the new Mustang 5.0 V8 & 2.3 Ecoboost all-aluminum high-performance radiators from CSF.

    Overheating can be chronic, especially with high horse-powered Mustangs. Over time, it can also lead to costly repairs. Upgrading the cooling system will help prevent any of those issues and give you peace of mind. Keeping your Mustang reliable is key. Anyone can boost the performance of the car, but the main question is, will it be reliable? There’s no point in building a fast car that’s unreliable. Whenever engine performance increases, so do the burdens on the cooling system.

    The high-performance aftermarket has really taken to modifying the Ecoboost platform. One of the first mods that many enthusiasts install is an upgraded intercooler. Some intercoolers that are widely available in the market today have actually reduced the thickness of the core so that the design allows it to stack in front of the radiator and condenser for a larger surface area core compared to the OEM intercooler which was mounted underneath the radiator. These types of intercoolers put a heavy strain on the OEM radiator, especially when at the track or drag strip where heat soak can become a major issue. The upgraded all-aluminum CSF radiator w/ 42mm B-Tube core will counterbalance the stacking of an additional cooler in front of the main cooling system + maintain optimal temperatures in the high horsepower applications.

    There are key features of the new CSF all-aluminum high-performance Mustang radiator that will reduce that burden. This includes CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology that increases the heat transfer capabilities approximately 15% over regular tubes and multi-louvered fins to maximize airflow through the radiator core. The unit is designed to be a true “drop-in-fit” with no modifications necessary.

    Additional Specifications

    • 2-row, 42mm ultra-high performance radiator core by CSF.
    • With CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology and 6.5mm multi-louvered fin height for the most efficient radiator core available for the new Ford Mustang platform.
    • 1 hour hand polished mirror-finish
    • CNC machined mounting brackets
    • True “drop-in-fit” with no modifications necessary

    The GT Model (#7073) includes CSF’s triple-pass technology which allows the coolant to flow through the radiator core 3x rather than just flowing across the surface of the core once. This allows much colder ambient air to exchange heat with the coolant for a 3x longer period of time generating the lowest outlet temperature possible. Still with a drop-in fit! This radiator is future proof and will be needed when increasing power with supercharger and turbo kits that are scheduled to release this race season.