Corsa® (17-23) Ford SUV/Truck Closed Box Air Intake with MaxFlow Oiled Filter
Corsa® (17-23) Ford SUV/Truck Closed Box Air Intake with MaxFlow Oiled Filter
Corsa® (17-23) Ford SUV/Truck Closed Box Air Intake with MaxFlow Oiled Filter
Corsa® (17-23) Ford SUV/Truck Closed Box Air Intake with MaxFlow Oiled Filter


Corsa® (17-23) Ford SUV/Truck Closed Box Air Intake with MaxFlow Oiled Filter

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Compatible: (3.5L)

2018 - 2021 Ford Expedition 

2017 - 2021 Ford F-150

2017 - 2021 Ford Raptor

2017 - 2021 Lincoln Navigator 




PRODUCT CARE: Oiled Filters (MaxFlow 5 & Pro5)

Cleaning your Oiled Filter is Easy:
 One of the benefits of using a Pro5 or MaxFlow5 Oiled filter is that you can clean and reuse the cotton gauze filter. Depending on driving and environmental conditions; the filter will become caked with dirt and require cleaning. A two-stage filter recharger kit with cleaner and oil is required. It is recommended to clean the filter on your CORSA Intake at least two times a year. Replacement filters are available through CORSA. Also, if you experience a sudden decrease in mileage or engine performance, the filter will need to be cleaned.


 Remove the oiled filter from your air intake and tap it on a hard surface to remove any loose dirt.


Liberally spray the filter with filter cleaner and allow it to soak in for about 10 minutes. Avoid petroleum based products because they will soften and destroy sealing edges.


Rinse off the dirt from the inside of the filter out. Never use high pressure nozzles or air; they could tear and distort the cotton gauze media.


Allow the filter to air dry in a clean area. Never use applied heat or an air vent to dry the filter. Do NOT reinstall a wet or damp filter. The oiled filter must be completely dry before it is installed.


Using air filter oil, apply a thin coating to each pleat. The oil will soak into the pleat and after 20 minutes you will see areas that need to be touched up with more oil.


MaxFlow 5 Oiled Filter

CORSA Performance MaxFlow 5 Filters offer a washable and reusable replacement to your stock air filter unleashing greater airflow for peak performance gains. Each MaxFlow 5 Filter is engineered utilizing carefully selected media that delivers superior engine protection and up to 98% filter efficiency and maximum flow. By carefully designing the pleat structure of the MaxFlow 5 Filter, loading capacity has increased allowing for extended maintenance intervals (Up to 40K Miles).

Each filter is manufactured using a 100% polyurethane frame and flanges with progressive fit ribbing to create a reliable air-tight mesh point between filter and air duct.

Recommended for High-performance street vehicles looking for maximum Horsepower and Torque gains

  • High-Performance Multi-Layer Oiled Filter
  • Up to 40K Miles between Maintenance Intervals
  • Over 98% Filtration Efficiency
  • Ideal for on-road driving conditions
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Outflows Stock Intake Improving Performance
  • Shields Engine Heat Reducing Airflow Temperatures
  • Re-usable High-Performance Filtration Options (DryTech, MaxFlow)
  • Up to 50,000 miles no maintenance*
  • 98%+ Filtration Efficiency*
  • Pair with a CORSA Exhaust to Maximize Performance
  • Bolt-On Power, Install in Minutes
  • No Tune Required. Tune May Enhance Performance
  • No Maintenance PowerCore Filtration Available for Select Application
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty



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