Borla® (20-24) Toyota GR Supra 304SS 3.5" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust
Borla® (20-24) Toyota GR Supra 304SS 3.5" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust
Borla® (20-24) Toyota GR Supra 304SS 3.5" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust
Borla® (20-24) Toyota GR Supra 304SS 3.5" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust


Borla® (20-24) Toyota GR Supra 304SS 3.5" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust

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    Compatible: (3.0L)

    2020 - 2023 Toyota GR Supra 




    The Borla® ATAK® system 140826CFBA, is specifically tuned for performance and sound on the GR Supra‘s 3.0L twin-scroll turbocharged inline six engine. Our system is designed to be drone-free so you can get the head-turning sound of the ATAK® and still enjoy a comfortable cabin during cruise. This Cat-Back™ features a 3.5" pipe diameter that splits into dual 3" and comes with 4.5" Carbon Fiber tips with black anodized centers to complete the look of the exhaust. It includes our Polyphonic Harmonizer technology which utilizes patented units that contain pipes of different diameters and lengths to create multiple exhaust notes that harmonize to deliver a clean, rich, full-bodied sound to the BORLA® mufflers. The mufflers then enhance this sound to the character and volume appropriate for this ATAK® system. The system also has a functioning valve that works with the factory actuator to change the exhaust volume. As with all Borla® products, it is constructed using T-304 stainless steel for increased durability and is backed by our Million Mile Warranty. Bolt-on a Borla® and give your Supra the sound it deserves.

    System Features:

    • Cat-Back™ Exhaust System
    • 3.5" To Dual 3" Pipe Diameter
    • 4.5" Carbon Fiber Tips With Black Anodized Centers
    • Polyphonic Harmonizer Technology
    • Valved System (retains factory exhaust modes)
    • T-304 Stainless Steel
    • No-Drone
    • Million Mile Warranty

    Each BORLA® Exhaust System is built from premium T-304 series stainless steel to give you the absolute best in performance and durability. We strive to provide you with the best quality products and stand behind our systems with a Million-Mile Warranty.


    Cat-Back Systems™

    This commonly-used term was actually originated by Borla, who pioneered the concept. "Cat" is motorhead shorthand for "Catalytic Converter." A Borla Cat-Back™ exhaust replaces your entire stock system from the catalytic converters "back” to the tips exiting the bumper. This type of system delivers the most dramatic upgrade in sound, because it includes improvements to virtually all the undercar piping, incorporating Borla’s ultra-smooth mandrel bends, X-Pipe technologies, pipe diameter specs and other characteristics that shape the sound. Borla Cat-Back™ systems are available for a wide variety of popular cars and trucks, and are offered in your choice of sound technologies — ATAK®, S-Type and Touring — each with their own distinct volume and character.


    American-Made Quality & Innovation

    Close to the Pacific shore in Oxnard, California, is the state-of-the-art Borla Research and Development facility, where your exhaust system is designed and fabricated from scratch, engineered to produce the best possible sound for your make and model vehicle. The finished specifications are then sent to our 100-acre manufacturing complex in Johnson City, Tennessee, next to the storied Blue Ridge Mountains. There, your exhaust is cut from raw stainless steel, shaped, assembled, welded and shipped. Together, the Borla family of highly experienced and talented employees are a quintessential example of American ingenuity and quality. We are made in the USA strong.


    High-Performance Borla Valves

    Borla exhaust systems are fully compatible with modern vehicles utilizing exhaust valves to conserve fuel and provide cockpit control of driving modes, volume of sound and more. In order to ensure that these valves are properly integrated within the architecture of your vehicle while meeting the demands of a high-flow Borla exhaust upgrade, our engineers spent years testing and refining an improved premium design. Manufactured in the USA under rigorous standards, Borla valves are tuned and optimized to maximize the performance and sound of our exhaust systems, while providing years of driving enjoyment.


    It's All in the Cores

    ATAK® stands for Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics, an exclusive technology that allows Borla engineers to custom-tune exhaust sound with the precision of a graphic equalizer. Inside ATAK mufflers are multiple solid and perforated tube-shaped cores. Using computer-controlled modeling, the shapes and perforation patterns of the cores are adjusted to produce just the right exhaust note.

    Borla ATAK Muffler - Exploaded View

    Like all Borla exhausts, ATAK systems are built for specific vehicle models, ensuring the volume and character of the sound enhances that vehicle’s distinct personality. ATAK technology is based on Borla’s proven Multicore design, which is responsible for numerous racing wins in high-profile venues from the NHRA to the Baja 1000.

    Borla Race Driver

    Exhaust sound provides acoustic feedback of engine rpm to aid drivers in critical decisions such as gear selection or throttle input. With unrivaled clarity, a Borla exhaust note empowers you with the sensory feedback of sound to drive smarter.

    ATAK exhaust systems produce the highest dB (decibel) levels in the Borla line. Our S-Type option offers a slightly tamer race-bred sound. Drivers who prefer a mild growl that’s just a bit more aggressive than stock can choose Borla Touring sound. Most of our popular systems are available in all three.


    The Power of Music

    When the right notes are played together on a pipe organ, an ethereal effect is created with dramatically more acoustical depth and texture than a single note. The mathematical formula that determines the dimensions of pipes forming these harmonically-pleasing chords originated with Pythagoras, and has been adapted by Borla for exhaust applications. The exciting result is the Borla Polyphonic Exhaust Harmonizer, which is now featured in select Borla exhaust systems.

    These patent-pending units contain pipes of different diameters and lengths to create multiple exhaust notes that harmonize to deliver a clean, rich, full-bodied sound to the Borla mufflers. The mufflers then enhance this tone to the character and volume appropriate for our Touring, S-Type and ATAK® systems. The straight-through design of Polyphonic Harmonizers ensures zero performance loss.


    Install Guide: