Borla® (14-19) Corvette Stingray ATAK™ 304SS Axle-Back Exhaust System without AFM/NPP - 10 Second Racing
Borla® (14-19) Corvette Stingray ATAK™ 304SS Axle-Back Exhaust System without AFM/NPP - 10 Second Racing
Borla® (14-19) Corvette Stingray ATAK™ 304SS Axle-Back Exhaust System without AFM/NPP - 10 Second Racing
Borla® (14-19) Corvette Stingray ATAK™ 304SS Axle-Back Exhaust System without AFM/NPP - 10 Second Racing


Borla® (14-19) Corvette Stingray ATAK™ 304SS Axle-Back Exhaust System without AFM/NPP

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    Compatible: (6.2L)

    2014 - 2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray 

    Pipe Diameter: 2.75" into muffler, dual 2" out




    The Nuclear Propulsion Package (NPP) option is a vacuum controlled valve on the factory exhaust which is controlled by the ECU. It will open and close based on RPM and throttle position. The NPP feature offers a more aggressive exhaust note when driving in sport/track mode, or at higher RPM's as listed below. 

    The valves will be open for the first two seconds that the car is started. It requires time for the vacuum pressure to build to close the valves. After that The operation of the NPP is normally closed, open on demand. Have someone stand behind the car and bring up the RPM to 3,500 and you should see the valves open. The butterfly operation is tied to the throttle position sensor and the RPM. It uses the throttle position to determine driver intent. Under normal operation the valves work as follows:

    Below 30% throttle and 3,500 rpm the valves are closed.
    Above 30% throttle and 3,500 rpm the valves will open.
    Between 30% throttle and 80% throttle and above 3,500 rpm the valves are open.
    Above 80% throttle and above 2,800 rpm the valves are open.

    GM Active Fuel Management (AFE) valves deactivate (4) of the (8) cylinders in a V8 engine when operating in lower RPM's (typically under 4K). Test results have indicated that retaining this feature can improve fuel economy by up to 7.5%. Some of Borla's options retain this feature with their valves while others eliminate them entirely along with the factory NPP valve feature (mentioned above). Carefully review the notes we provide to determine if you are ordering the correct system. 


    Borla atak exhaust system


    ATAK® Technology

    BORLA® ATAK® (Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics) technology is designed for high-performance purists who prefer exhaust sound over their stereos.  ATAK®-equipped exhaust systems deliver the highest available dB (decibel) levels in the BORLA® street-legal lineup... and unlike inferior brands that lose significant sound quality at higher volumes, ATAK® is tuned like a graphic equalizer to shape and focus sound waves for optimum high-volume output.

    ATAK® technology is based on specifically-tuned attributes of the internal muffler cores, which are calibrated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to deliver the most desirable sound. For more details and to hear the difference, watch our ATAK® videos below for different make and model vehicles.​

    The power of BORLA® Multicore® technology, with the sound of vehicle-specific acoustic tuning!

    This system does NOT include AFM or NPP valves. It is intended for vehicles that are either NOT equipped with AFM and NPP or has AFM and NPP disabled. System has non-functioning mounts where AFM actuators can be mounted if the vehicle had them. A Check Engine Light will occur on vehicles equipped with AFM. System features polished T-304 stainless steel tips. BORLA® Cat-Back™ & Axle-Back exhaust systems feature patented straight-through and multi-core technology designed to unleash hidden horsepower. Increased exhaust velocity adds power, driving excitement, fuel economy, and the distinctive BORLA® Sound of Power respected by motoring enthusiasts everywhere.

    A Borla "Axle Back" or rear section exhaust implies the exhaust system is located behind the vehicle rear axle . Most installations are completed in less than an hour and require no cutting of the factory system. A Borla Axle Back performance exhaust is a less restrictive aftermarket exhaust system that will improve the sound level both inside the cabin and exterior. Borla Axle Back exhaust systems use engine-specific (not universal) mufflers that are designed, tested, and optimized specifically for a particular year/make/model vehicle.

    Improvements in sound and performance are accomplished by using a superior straight-through muffler design, mandrel-bent tubing, and the application of proper engine-matched tubing diameter. In some vehicles Borla offers multiple sound levels (Touring, S-Type, and ATAK®) to suite the individual driver's taste in vehicle sound. Borla also offers the Cat Back exhaust system which is located behind the factory catalytic converter.  

    Borla Axle Back systems replace the factory rear mufflers and exhaust pipe with an improvement in overall sound & performance to your truck, SUV, or car. Welded tips are standard on most systems running gas or diesel fuels. 

    Some of today's modern vehicles have a factory service-point in the exhaust system (flange or slip-fit) located in the exhaust tubing behind the vehicle rear axle. A Borla Axle Back performance exhaust system replaces the factory exhaust system (behind this service-point) following the same exhaust path and secured using the original vehicle hangers and rubber isolators.

    Vehicles that don't have a factory service-point require “cutting" the factory exhaust system before installing a Borla Axle Back performance exhaust system. Borla includes cutting instructions and hardware to complete the installation.

    Borla pioneered the use of aircraft grade 304 stainless steel tubing, a material with higher content of carbon & nickel that won't rust or corrode for automotive exhaust aftermarket.

    Install Guide: