BMR Suspension®

BMR Suspension® (08-21) Challenger Super Pro™ Non Adjustable Front Lower Outer Control Arm Bushings

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2008 - 2021 Dodge Challenger



Reduce deflection, improve handling, and maintain a comfortable quiet ride with elastomer bushing from SuperPro. SuperPro bushings are made from low-deflection elastomer, which is known for its high stiffness, low friction and excellent stability. This product greatly reduces bushing deflection that occurs during acceleration, cornering, and braking, with minimal changes in NVH. Each bushing is designed to exact tolerances, allowing for a perfect fit and increased performance for any driving style. The SuperPro elastomer bushings greatly increase the rigidity and stability of the chassis to provide maximum control and consistency, with all of the articulation necessary for any form of high-performance driving. Installation time may vary depending on stock bushing removal technique. 

Designed for street performance, drag race, and handling applications
High-durometer viscoelastic polymer
Direct bushing replacements
Reduces bushing deflection
Absorbs NVH
Allows for articulation
Zinc-coated inner sleeves
Greatly reduces wheelhop
Proven to deliver superior durability and quality
Made to push your vehicle to the next level
Manufactured from the finest materials with quality in mind