Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System
Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System
Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System
Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System
Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System
Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System


Awe Tuning® (10-17) Audi Q5 Front Mounted Intercooler System

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    Compatible: (2.0L)

    2010 - 2017 Audi Q5 



    During development of our 2.0T Q5 Exhaust systems and G.I.A.C. software, we recorded high intake air temperatures. The stock front mount intercooler isn't able to effectively cool the intake charge at that performance level, allowing temperatures to rise and hurt performance as rpms increase. With this in mind, we set out to develop our Q5 Front Mount Intercooler in order to bring intake temperatures back under control.

    Highlights of our Q5 FMIC:

    • All aluminum construction for maximum heat transfer
    • Efficient bar/plate core construction
    • Cast aluminum end tanks with inlet baffle
    • 2.5 inch diameter mandrel bent aluminum tubing
    • Pressure checked assembly before leaving our factory
    • No effect on OE radiator or A/C systems
    • Fits securely behind stock crash bar

    We employed sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) modeling software to design an intercooler that uses an end tank / core package significanty larger than stock while striving to re-use the robust factory hoses and clamps to keep costs down. This end tank design is a proven winner and is in use on multiple platforms. We went through no less then 14 revisions when initially developing it.

    While we knew this engine ran very hot, and could really benefit from improved intercooling, the test results shocked even us. Our FMIC was able to reduce Intake Air Temperatures (IATs) by a maximum of 31 degrees F over stock, a difference of nearly 25%! The massive drop in IATs will yield even better performance in warmer climates and higher power applications.

    Whether you are simply running enhanced software, or are planning on a larger turbo upgrade for your car, our intercooler solves all heat related issues that come with more turbo boost. Keeping your intake air temperatures low results in more power, better engine output stability when outside temps climb, and the safety margin needed when pushing the limit.

    AWE Tuning Q5 FMIC End Tank Design

    Below is a screenshot from our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software demonstrating the clear superiority of our end tank design vs the more common box shaped end tank found on most aftermarket intercoolers.

    While a box shaped end tank is much simpler to design and fabricate, the amount of turbulence created (show in red, orange, and yellow) results in very inefficient cooling and air flow through the core.

    During the design process our end tank design went through no less than 14 revisions while we maximized performance. Our end tank design is the key to why we can use such a large core without tremendous pressure restriction issues. Pressure drop is kept to a minimum, while also providing a 31 degree F temperature drop vs stock.




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