Advanced Fuel Dynamics®

Advanced Fuel Dynamics® (09-13) Silverado/Sierra ProFlex™ Commander FlexFuel System

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Compatible: (5.3L/6.2L)

2009 - 2013 Chevy Silverado 

2009 - 2013 GMC Sierra

Choose the ProFlex Commander Pro for your vehicle if you have aftermarket forced induction or aftermarket 600cc/60lb/hr or larger injectors.  If you plan to make these upgrades later order the PRO.  It will work fine with your existing set-up and will automatically adapt when you install your upgrades.

The Commander PRO was specifically designed for improved injector function in forced induction and large injector environments.  



The patented ProFlex™ Commander adaptive flex fuel system for 2009-13 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 5.3/6.2L V8-equipped trucks allows you to start making more power and running cooler with E85. True plug and play flex-fuel for your GM truck in about an hour with no tuning required.

ProFlex Commander Features:

  • Complete system - everything you need to run E85
  • 100% Dyno tested for safety, durability and power gains
  • Easy DIY installation - Under and hour with common tools 
  • Patented BlendSense™ technology adjusts in real time with 30 millisecond refresh rate
  • True flex fuel - switch from gas to ethanol and back anytime
  • Improved injector management for more power on gas or E85
  • 7-10% More wheel HP and torque on E85 (dyno proven)
  • No tuning required - Compatible with stock or performance gas tunes; instantly adapts to new tunes
  • Cleaner emissions and cooler cylinder, oil and coolant temps
  • Race grade fuel at the pump - high octane, low cost
  • Compatible with power adders and bolt-ons
  • Cold Start Plus™ - improves fuel atomization for easier starting in cold weather





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