ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System
ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System


ArmaSpeed® (15-22) AMG GT (M178-Engine) Carbon Fiber Air Intake System

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Compatible: (4.0L)

2015 - 2021 Mercedes AMG GT / GT S

2017 - 2021 Mercedes AMG GT R / GT R Pro 

2017 - 2021 Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

2017 - 2021 Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster 

2017 - 2021 Mercedes AMG GT4





  • Carbon fiber air box x2
  • Carbon fiber inlet pipe x2
  • Armaspeed high flow air filter
  • Fixtures & Accessories



When ARMASPEED was designing the intake system for the AMG GT, the focus was not to create an upgraded part, instead we pursue a balance between art and performance. By giving the full kit a distinct outer appearance, it’s clear that what ARMASPEED wants to convey with the AMG GT intake system is an attitude, a determination to be unique and stands out from the crowd. Not only the full system was redesigned to look in absolute perfection, our team had also fit it with ARMASPEED exclusive heat dissipation feature plus the high-performance air filter, working along with the low air drag piping design to ensure the ARMASPEED AMG GT intake system is able to withstand an engine output up to 760 horsepower. Just like a sculpt of art, the result was both stunning and breathtaking. From an enthusiast to another, ARMASPEED AMG GT intake system will guarantee to meet all your expectation.

  • Carbon fiber air intake for BENZ AMG GT
  • Direct bolt-on design, no modification needed
  • For years 2016 to present
  • For M178 engine
  • No remapping of ECU/DME needed
  • Gloss Finish



Our Journey

It has been more than 25 years since a car enthusiast who set about customizing and building project cars in his own garage, which later turned out to be the foundation of ARMASPEED. Throughout the years, ARMASPEED has performed countless researches and studies to be the best company that produces performance parts for tuning the car in the world. With the establishment of headquarter and global offices such as China, Japan, USA, Germany etc, ARMASPEED have made its move toward achieving its ambitious goal. Today, ARMASPEED not only specialize in Hyperflow carbon intake system, it also excels at big brake kits, aerodynamic body kit, exhaust valve systems and high-performance air filters that aim for greater levels of standard. ARMASPEED’s slogan – “Performance Everyday”, will keep it moving forward with its insight and innovation that surprise the world.

From Superchargers to Intake

Just like many other business, supercharger market was decline so we started exploring alternative performance product. As ARMASPEED’s parent company specialized in carbon fiber and FPR material for car parts and oem body kits, an idea was brought by multi departments for designing and developing carbon fiber intake system and aerodynamic. After long designing and improving, the product was born, a carbon fiber intake that can reduce the air temperature inside and keep the heat out. We want our client to see that Armaspeed is always searching for innovation and looking for product perfection.

Brand Image

ARMA is originally a Latin word-it signifies “weapons of war” or “defensive arms”. ARMASPEED carbon intake and brake kit are just like sword and shield. The intake gives your car more energy to attack; the brake grants your car more stopping power to defend. They’re meant to be the sharpest weapon to complete your car’s high performance. ARMASPEED is not only a brand but also a spirit -the spirit of a refined craft.

Professional Team

After enlarging the scale of production and personnel, ARMASPEED now consists of a professional team with expertise and enthusiasm in the high-performance cars. We have three main departments: Research & Development, Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service. All staff pays full attention to customer satisfaction.

Corporate Objectives

Advances in automotive technology are transforming our world at an incredible pace, but we never give up producing performance parts of high quality. Our target is to provide car enthusiasts with joyful driving and tuning. We’ll keep striving towards customer satisfaction and market leadership. Our final goal is to bring the brand “ARMASPEED” onto the global stage.