Four Seasons®

Four Seasons® (14-21) Mopar A/C Refrigerant Liquid Hose

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2014 - 2021 Chrysler 300

2015 - 2021 Dodge Challenger

2014 - 2021 Dodge Charger



As a basic manufacturer in hose assemblies, our capabilities extend past just putting a part in a box.  Through modern manufacturing and advanced production equipment, we can meet our customer’s quality and delivery expectations. Each unit is 100% inspected to ensure bend pipe consistency is maintained through a highly precise CNC bending machine.  

Hose assemblies play an important role in A/C system performance by carrying refrigerant and lubrication from one component to another. Poor manufacturing could lead to restricted refrigerant and oil flow to the compressor, resulting in catastrophic system failure.

  • Barrier Hose - Meets O.E. specifications
  • Tubing - Meets O.E. wall thickness and specifications fitting tube design
  • Pad Block Fittings - Designed to match O.E.
  • Orifice Tube - Meets O.E. specification in fit, form, design and function
  • Welds an Connections - Same design as O.E. with no refrigerant flow restrictions
  • Ferrule Crimp - Exceeds O.E. tensile test requirements
  • Muffler - Wall thickness meets O.E. specification, burst pressure exceeded O.E. requirements
  • O-Ring & Seals - Includes all necessary o-ring, seals including charge port fittings
  • Brackets - All fixed brackets are included on hose assembly



  • Bracket?:w/o Bracket
  • Componet Type:Single Componet
  • Description:Hose Assemblies
  • Gasket / Seals Included?:Included
  • Muffler?:w/o Muffler
  • Orifice Dia. "IN":w/o Orifice Tube
  • Service Port Type:R134-A Quick Disconnect
  • Service Port?:w/ Service Port
  • Style:w/o Orifice Tube
  • Switch Port?:No
  • System Pressure:High Pressure
  • Type:Liquid Line
  • Liquid Line "B" Type:Sealing Washer
  • O-Ring "A" Number/Desc:24401 / Slim Line Sealing Washer
  • O-Ring "A" Quantity:1
  • O-Ring "B" Quantity:1
  • Orifice Tube?:w/o Orifice Tube
  • Service Port Quantity:1
  • Liquid Line "B" Gender:Male
  • Liquid Line "B" Style:P-Nut Fitting
  • Service Port High Side:High Side
  • Service Port Size:16 mm
  • Liquid Line "B" Size:No. 7
  • Discharge End Type:Sealing Washer
  • Liquid Line Gender:Male
  • Liquid Line Size:No. 6
  • Liquid Line Style:P-Nut Fitting
  • Liquid Line Type:Sealing Washer
  • Suction End Type:Sealing Washer
  • Overall Length / Depth "IN":36.54