Four Seasons®

Four Seasons® (14-21) Mopar A/C Expansion Valve

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2014 - 2021 Chrysler 300

2014 - 2021 Dodge Challenger

2014 - 2021 Dodge Charger




Four Seasons expansion valves are built to match O.E. design. After assembled, each valve is tested and calibrated to match it’s O.E. specifications. Some competitors build multiple valves to just one specification setting which can lead to poor cooling performance.

  • Block Valves are aluminum construction; all internal parts are designed to O.E. specifications
  • Internally and Externally Equalized Valves are copper and brass construction
  • Designed to meet or exceed O.E. specifications
  • Tubes to Cap connections are double soldered to insure integrity
  • Coverage includes both forward and reverse flow designs
  • Tonnage and Superheat is matched to O.E. specifications
  • Power valve is seasoned for 30 days, assembled and 100% function tested prior to shipping



  • Color:Aluminum
  • Description:Expansion Valves
  • Liquid Inlet Gender:Female
  • Liquid Inlet Size:No. 6
  • Liquid Inlet Style:Sealing Washer
  • Liquid Inlet Type:Sealing Washer
  • Liquid Outlet Gender:Female
  • Liquid Outlet Size:No. 12
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Meets or Exceeds OEM Specs?:Yes
  • Style:w/o Solenoid
  • Suction Inlet Gender:Female
  • Suction Inlet Size:No. 8
  • Suction Outlet Gender:Female
  • Suction Outlet Size:No. 10
  • Switch Included?:Not Included
  • Type:Block Type
  • Liquid Outlet Style:Sealing Washer
  • Liquid Outlet Type:Sealing Washer
  • Suction Inlet Style:Sealing Washer
  • Suction Inlet Type:Sealing Washer
  • Suction Outlet Style:Sealing Washer
  • Suction Outlet Type:Sealing Washer
  • Mounting Hole/Stud Qty:2