Fitch® Fuel Catalyst - Camaro OEM In-Line Fuel Catalyst
Fitch® Fuel Catalyst - Camaro OEM In-Line Fuel Catalyst
Fitch® Fuel Catalyst - Camaro OEM In-Line Fuel Catalyst


Fitch® (16-23) Camaro OEM In-Line Fuel Catalyst

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Compatible: (3.6L/6.2L)

2016 - 2023 Chevy Camaro LS/LT/1LE/SS/ZL1

Validated by university research, performance tests performed by independent test facilities, independent engineering firms using ASTM protocols, independent publications and our customers, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates your fuel causing the treated fuel to burn more efficiently. This produces the ultimate performance from any engine while generating minimal emissions. Because Fitch boosts octane, this allows engines requiring premium fuel to operate on a lower grade fuel without sacrificing any performance. Fitch offers an easy to install "bolt-on" DIY kit or a drop in tank application.

Because combustion is more complete less carbon residue is formed fowling the oil, and dirtying injectors, carburetors and plugs. Lubricity is also dramatically improved meaning less wear on your engine.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a maintenance free device warranted for 250,000 miles.  It is easily installed in the fuel line much like a fuel filter, either using OEM SAE or SLC quick connect fittings or, for those vehicles without quick connect fittings and out of warranty, by splicing the Fitch unit into the fuel line. For pre 1980 “classic” vehicles installation of a Fitch is as simple as dropping the “drop in” cartridges directly into the fuel tank through the filler line.

Increases fuel economy
Increases horsepower and torque for improved performance
Reduces emissions
Boosts gasoline octane rating and diesel cetane rating
Makes fuel burn cleaner, extends engine oil life
Reduces engine carbon deposits
Reduces engine fuel system and injector maintenance
Maintains fuel quality during extended periods of storage
Easy bolt-on installation using quick-connect fittings in factory fuel line
Improvements verified in numerous national publications
Maintenance-free and warranted for 250,000 miles or 5,000 operating hours (the lifetime of the engine)