Fast® (97-07) GM LS1/LS2/LS6 LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold
Fast® (97-07) GM LS1/LS2/LS6 LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold


Fast® (97-07) GM LS1/LS2/LS6 LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold

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Compatible: (5.7L/6.0L)

2004 - 2007 Cadillac CTS-V

1998 - 2002 Chevy Camaro

1997 - 2004 Chevy Corvette

2005 - 2007 Chevy Corvette 

1998 - 2002 Pontiac Firebird 


50 state legal under C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-279-9

Drive-by-cable throttle body. Drive-by-wire applications must re-use OEM throttle body or purchase aftermarket drive-by-wire throttle body.


About FAST®

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Since the 1990’s, FAST® has been recognized as the industry leading developer of aftermarket electronic fuel injection technology. Year after year, FAST® engineers have released innovative products, driving the growth of the aftermarket EFI marketplace. With a technical support staff beyond comparison, FAST® has built close relationships with its customers by responding to their aftermarket EFI product support and development needs.

In 2001, FAST® became a member of the COMP Performance Group™. With the resources of CPG’s extensive R&D and Engineering department, the fuel injection innovator has consistently developed industry changing products; taking their EFI technology from the racetrack directly to the street.

Today, FAST® continues to drive the aftermarket fuel injection industry through ceaseless new product development. With a complete line of industry-leading fuel injection products including self-tuning and programmable EFI systems, polymer intake manifolds, billet throttle bodies, and tuning tools complementing the extensive CPG catalog of performance valvetrain and drivetrain components, FAST® is committed to bringing the best fuel injection experience to both racers and street enthusiasts worldwide.


Forget about inferior knock-offs, the patented LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold from FAST™ is the only three-piece Gen III composite manifold proven to deliver increased performance without compromising bottom-end drivability or high RPM power. For both street and racing applications, the new black intake manifold is an easy bolt-on installation for GM Gen III (LS1, -2 & -6) engines and is designed to work with the FAST™ Big Mouth Throttle Body™.

The new FAST™ LSX™ 92mm Black Intake Manifold maintains the performance gains achieved over stock intake manifolds with no loss in drivability or low RPM torque. While the new stylish, black intake manifold delivers terrific performance right out of the box, it can be ported by the customer for even more flow. As requested by previous LSX™ customers, the intake features the added benefits of corrosion-free stainless steel assembly bolts, an improved throttle body sealing flange and o-ring gasket and threaded insert throttle body mounts that provide increased durability.

  • Black version of original LSX™ intake w/ 92mm opening & added refinements

  • Includes stainless steel bolts, threaded insert throttle body mounts & mounting hardware

  • Incorporates high-quality polymer materials, which resist “heat sink” effect of aluminum

  • Maximizes potential of other popular engine performance upgrades such as cylinder heads

  • Improved throttle body sealing flange & o-ring gasket

  • 50 state legal under C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-279-9


Speed Secrets: How Much Power Do You Get From Heads/Cam/Intake on an LS1?

Speed Secrets, COMP Cams, FAST, and RHS team up on this test to see how much horsepower you can get out of 5.7-liter LS1 when you upgrade the heads, camshaft, and intake manifold.

Truth be told, this combination of upgrades can be applied to an LS engine to get similar results you will soon see from the test. From the 4.8-liter, through to the 7.0-liter engines, these engines respond! In all reality, the same concept is true for any make of engine you’re looking to upgrade – import or domestic.

To back it up, are you wondering why you would upgrade the heads, cam, or intake on an engine? It’s because the source of added power primarily comes from these systems. That’s not to say the majority of the power doesn’t come from the displacement and bottom end, but if you want to take that power to a new level, it’s time to upgrade these three parts.

Obviously, people do upgrade just one of these, with the camshaft being the most popular engine upgrade for LS owners. However, after you upgrade the camshaft, you’re still leaving a lot of power on the table if you leave the other two stock. Actually, after you’ve upgraded one, the other two are even more important to upgrade than they were in a stock application.

The test engine in this video is an LS1 crate engine from an early Camaro. After getting a baseline on the dyno, it was time to do the upgrades from RHS, COMP, and FAST.

RHS provided a pair of 205 heads to replace the factory LS1 cylinder heads, and a healthy 54-459-11 COMP camshaft with a .617/.624 lift, 231/239 duration, and 113 LSA. A FAST LSXR intake manifold and 102mm throttle body.

The result is a gain of 125-horsepower and 46 lbs/ft of torque. Watch the video now to see the full test and final power figures!