Cold Air Inductions® (15-23) Colorado/Canyon Replacement Air Filter
Cold Air Inductions® (15-23) Colorado/Canyon Replacement Air Filter


Cold Air Inductions® (15-23) Colorado/Canyon Replacement Air Filter

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Compatible: (2.8L/3.6L)

2015 - 2021 Chevy Colorado

2015 - 2021 GMC Canyon



Think all performance air filters are more or less the same? If so, you’re not getting all the performance you can from your vehicle! We engineer every air filter for optimum airflow and minimum turbulence, and we design the filters for each specific cold-air intake system. The flow of air through the filter impacts the overall airflow through the rest of the system, and the system affects the airflow through the filter. They must be designed to work together for the best results.

All Cold Air Inductions air filters:

  • Are pre-oiled: ready to install and use right out of the box
  • Includes a stainless-steel clamp
  • A lifetime filter that can be recharged multiple times
  • Feature a unique velocity-stack radius to minimize turbulence as air flows from the filter into the air tube of the air-intake system
  • Have an engineered stop on the base to ensure proper installation and to allow the MAF to have more accurate readings
  • Feature interwoven cotton layers with a pleat count designed to maximize airflow and minimize turbulence




Do you like horsepower and torque? So do we! In fact, that’s why we started Cold Air Inductions, Inc., in 2004. For our founder, owner and president, James D. Newsome, performance has always been a part of his life. From building race cars to show cars, his passion was in finding ways to make more horsepower and torque. While working on one of his project cars, James wasn’t able to find a true cold-air intake that delivered both the power and quality of construction he desired – so he engineered and built one himself!  

James didn’t want to use the same old heat-absorbing plastic system that so many others did. Rather, his air-intake had to be made from aluminum for a durable, solid construction, yet still be lightweight. The aluminum construction allowed for thermal coatings to limit heat-soak and heat-transfer from the hot “underhood”environment. James knew from his racing experience that eliminating airflow restrictions in the air intake was valuable in making power, but keeping the air inlet charge as cool as possible also made a big difference in engine power. And he did not stop at designing a whole new approach to the air box – he went on to create his own design for high-performance air filters, which have features above and beyond the industry standard. 

Today, every system from Cold Air Inductions starts in CAD engineering using the same development tools employed by automotive manufacturers. Cold Air Inductions uses state-of-the-art testing equipment with unique testing fixtures that the company designed and built in-house to accurately duplicate, measure and analyze airflow through an air-intake system, just as if it were mounted underhood and connected to an engine. Each air filter is designed for vehicle-specific systems. The shape, pleat-count and layers of filtration media are all engineered for optimum airflow with the least amount of turbulence, not just what will fit in the air box. And every system sees extensive testing and validation on a chassis dyno to ensure maximum power gains. 

There’s nothing else in the marketplace like the systems from Cold Air Inductions. You can count on Cold Air Inductions for great performance, a great fit and great quality.