Borla® 11770 - Axle Back Exhaust S-Type

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2007 - 2011 BMW E90 M3 Sedan 4.0L Automatic/Manual RWD 4 Door



The BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan really get enthusiasts’ blood fired up by amplifying all the elements the performance-minded driver loves about BMW’s entry-level platform. Of all the cars BMW offers, this is the one they run in competition, and for good rason. But, while the car is a winner, many M3 owners have contacted BORLA® with considerations about the weight, sound and performance of the stock exhaust setup. BORLA® has successfully answered the needs of these enthusiasts with a variety of aftermarket offerings. BORLA’s custom sound tuning technology delivers the growl level of your choice. For the M3 Coupe, (PN11771) is a “Touring” Axle-Back Exhaust with a mellow rumble, while (PN11764) delivers a more aggressive sound with BORLA’s “S-Type” Axle-Back. The M3 Sedan is enhanced by BORLA® (PN11772), a “Touring” Axle-Back Exhaust with a bumped up rev and (PN11770), a more aggressive sounding “S-Type” Axle-Back Exhaust. All four systems feature BORLA’s famous straight-thru muffler design for added performance; all are constructed of high-quality lightweight austenitic stainless steel for durability, and all boast aggressive looking Dual Split Rear Exhaust Tips. Add BORLA’s race X-Pipe (PN60506) to any of these Axle-Backs to give you that competitive advantage (for off-road use only). From the design characteristics of the inner cores to the amount of sound-absorbing composite filament, all specifications of BORLA® exhaust systems are tuned on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis for an optimum blend of performance and sound. Combined with an unrivalled Million Mile Warranty, distinctive motorsport styling, easy bolt-on installation and enhanced fuel economy, the world’s most winning exhaust continues to lead the industry it founded over 30 years ago.



Part: 11770

Type: Axle-Back

Pipe Diameter: 2.75"

Tip Size: 3.5"

Tip: Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut Long

Tip # 18

Exit: Dual Split Rear Exit



Weight: 34 lbs.

Box Size: 61x13x16


Install Guide: