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Awe Tuning® (16-21) 540C/570GT/570S 304SS Exhaust System

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Compatible: (3.8L)

2016 - 2021 McLaren 540C

2016 - 2021 McLaren 570GT

2016 - 2021 McLaren 570S 






AWE McLaren Performance Exhaust:

The AWE Performance Exhaust smooths the tone of the Performance Catalysts, taking the soundtrack to a high-pitched, goosebump provoking exotic note.

The Performance Exhaust is constructed from full 3” mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel and features an engineered opening between the banks, aiding to the signature tone.  Surrounding the Performance Exhaust is a mandatory OE quality custom-engineered quarter-inch thick, dual-layer waffled Inconel heat shielding with internal 3000°F matting to prevent any heat damage and protect the 570’s body paneling. The exhaust re-uses the factory tips.

Please note: Please check fitments for your specific vehicle in the "this fits" area above.

 What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Performance Catalysts and/or Performance Exhaust, and all required hardware. Factory tips assemblies are to be re-used.

Install Guide: