Accel® 8160 - HP Copper Spark Plug Kit

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2004 - 2008 Ford F-150/F-250/F-350



ACCEL HP Spark Plugs are made with a Copper core which is a better conductor than Platinum and Iridium. They deliver a stronger spark especially in high performance applications where high combustion pressures are present. Copper is much better at dissipating heat than other materials which lessens the chance of a misfire. ACCEL HP Spark Plugs are gapable allowing you to open the gap exposing a larger flame kernel or close it if needed for high boost applications. All ACCEL HP Spark Plugs have machine rolled threads allowing for a more precise thread engagement and torque retention.

  • For use with Black Coil Boot, OE Coil 8L3E or ACCEL 140033 or 140033-8
  • One Piece Design - Won't break off in head during removal like two piece design
  • Copper Core - Copper is a better conductor than Iridium or Platinum plugs
  • Heat Dissipation - Copper dissipates Heat Much better than other materials
  • "C" - Cut Design - un-shrouding the spark kernel
  • See PN 346 for Single Spark Plug
  • Gapable - Unlike Iridium or Platinum
  • Machine Rolled Threads-Precise thread engagement




Electrode Material Copper
Emission Code 1
GAP n/a
Heat Range Stock
Hex Size 9/16"
Length Standard
Product Type Spark Plug
Projected Tip No
Qty 8
Reach .8125"
Resistor Yes
Seat Type Tapered
Style Copper Core
Thread Size 16mm
Part Number 8160