AAD® (05-10) WK1 Billet Adjustable Front Upper Control Arm

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Compatible: (3.5L/5.7L/6.1L)

2005 - 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee


When your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 demands the best, we deliver. These are built the same as our top of the line Charger/Challenger fronts, with Spheriflex bushings in them, and stainless FK Teflon lined spherical bearing, with taper shafts and everything except the bolts all made custom here in Kansas City our of 17-4 stainless. We built these arms with 5mm of camber correction built in at the neutral setting, and from there can move 8mm either direction to get you anywhere from slightly negative from stock to quite a bit positive. 

As with the rest of our parts, these will be delivered in bright black anodize. We do offer custom colors for an additional price, please send email or message for pricing and availability. 

All Angles Design is an engineering company focused primarily on new product development and bringing innovation out of the brainstorm and into reality.

That business has grown to include all manner of design projects ranging from custom aluminum extrusion design to electronics and consumer products.  But our passion is and has been making cars go fast.

We've designed and sold products for many of the "big name" players in the automotive aftermarket, but AAD Performance gives us the opportunity to bring great projects directly from the machine shop to our customers.  You get the same impeccable quality, same rugged, functional designs, and the same top-notch customer support that AAD has become known for.  The only thing you lose is some of the high markups and flaky retailers who contribute nothing to the process but passing money around.

We are not brand-specific, we are solution specific meaning we solve real problems for real performance enthusiasts who want more than color-matched lug nut covers.  Our parts are designed and built to perform exactly as expected year after year.  We don't do flashy, we don't do every color under the sun, we don't try to make machined parts look like plastic - we build great performing parts and make customers happy.