Fuel Injector Clinic® Product Warranty

Fuel Injector Clinic Lifetime Limited Warranty Policy

Fuel Injector Clinic (“FIC”) warrants its injector under this lifetime limited warranty policy(“Warranty”). This Warranty applies to the original purchaser of FIC injector sets, purchased from an authorized dealer, with original sales receipt. This Warranty is non-transferrable.

Pursuant to the terms of this Warranty, after submission of a valid claim by a purchaser, if FIC determines that aninjector is not manufactured to FIC’s specifications, FIC will, at its discretion, replace the faulty injector with either a new or refurbished product that has been confirmed to meet FIC’s specifications. This Warranty covers defects in manufacturing. This Warranty does not cover outside factors like dirt or corrosion building up inside the injectors, which can usually be corrected with a normal cleaning service.

To submit a Warranty claim, please use the Contact form on our website with a clear description of your issue and someone will contact you for more information.

Fuel Injector Clinic strongly recommends that all FIC products are installed by a trained professional. All aftermarket injectors require tuning immediately after installation to offer safe and beneficial results. This Warranty does not apply and Fuel Injector Clinic fully disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages, including damages to FIC products, damages to vehicle, or injury to persons, related to the improper installation, use, or operation of FIC products.

No claim by the purchaser of any kind, including claims for indemnification, shall be greater in the amount than the purchase price of the Fuel Injector Clinic product in respect to which damages are claimed.