EBC Backing plates get made with NRS system hooks. This patented process created by NUCAP of Canada called NRS or the NuCap Retention System builds the best pads in the world with higher shear strength than any pad built and EBC are the ONLY UK producer (and one of few in the world) who use and are licensed for this process.

The NRS hooks are applied on a production line that costs almost £1.0 million to install at the new EBC Pineham Pressworks where all EBC steel backing plates are made and is a carefully controlled process that up-forms the hooks using unique tooling on a slow action press supported on nitrogen springs that gently creates the Velcro-like hooks on the steels.

In the molding process ( video showing process show here …)




The friction material and bi directional hooks become heavily bound and cannot come loose.

This not only creates improved pad shear strength but prevents corrosion debonds and edge lifting in longer service life of the pads in conditions of damp salt water atmospheres or rainy climates.

Many EBC pads are now made using NRS.

This picture shows the EVO and Impreza plate for the pads used in the Brembo Caliper EBC numbers Redstuff DP31210C and Yellowstuff DP41210R and also the new Bluestuff and Orangestuff versions.


This image shows close inspection ands measurement of the NRS hooks to ensure compliance in the EBC pressworks toolroom inspection room.

Closer inspection under a magnifier to check hooks are correctly formed and comply with the strict NRS licensing rules.

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