Pre bedded race brake pads - EBC Track Day Brake Pads

Pre bedded race brake pads - EBC Track Day Brake Pads

Brake pads are used of course for many forms of sport and race driving as well as stopping cars on the street. The compounds used in race track driving for brake pads is always uprated to handle the heat and wear abuse that brake pads will suffer during race track use but one thing has always plagued decent brake pads, their BED IN time. Until now pads could take 3-6 laps of driving before the brakes became fully effective and people not understanding this point could go through some scary moments or worse coming to terms with the actual braking marker points that they would use.

The harder you make a brake pad compound in an effort for make a brake pad last longer the more you will extend the time until the pad first takes up the shape of the brake rotor and secondly the early life brake fade has gone.

There are two types of brake fade. There is first of all what we call “Green Fade” as the pad is bedding in and then the more serious “Dynamic Fade” caused when a compound is either overheated or serious caliper drag has overheated the brake pads beyond their physical limits

EBC has now installed machinery to solve the problem. The British made finishing line produced for EBC Brakes by Unitec literally “Toasts” the surface of pads after finished production and grinding to remove the surface volatile components that cause this green fade.

In pre bedding pads, race drivers can fit the pads and achieve a decent brake with a few braking actions rather requiring an expensive race car or valuable track time to be used up bedding in new brakes.

With the huge numbers of drivers now using EBC Bluestuff Brakes products for track driving this gives EBC a major advantage over competition by offering a pre bedded brake pad and allowing the use of harder and longer lasting grades of race brake pad which would take far too long to bed in on the track.

Pre bedding of course does not remove the need for brake rotors to be in appropriate condition and drivers are always advised to apply race pads to flat and smooth brake rotors or to have them turned on such as the famous Pro Cut on car brake lathes to render them flat or replace the brake rotors before race use.

Not all brake pad compounds need pre bedding, softer brake pads may bed in quite quickly and not require pre bedding.