How To Solve Brake Vibration Permanently

How To Solve Brake Vibration Permanently

Established in 1978 EBC Brakes is a quality manufacturer with a vast experience in automotive brakes and fault finding in that arena. EBC Brakes has sold several MILLION sets of automotive brakes across the globe and has many products and solutions to brake problems that are more innovative and advanced than even larger “Famous” brands embrace.


EBC Brakes produce as many brake discs or rotors as it possibly can in its sister company UK foundry. The quality is first class. Those we do buy in from overseas are scrupulously checked for metallurgy and dimensional accuracy including a 100% PIECE BY PIECE run out inspection in our factories. We do not sell “Bent or warped” rotors as they are quite often called and there is no such thing as a “Bad Batch” at our Company because of this 100% inspection. In fact we have never seen a warped rotor in our entire life due to use in the vehicle and this is technically an incorrect term to use for rotors suffering vibration.


What we HAVE SEEN many times is brake vibration after 3000-6000 miles caused by run out at install due to what may be innocent oversights by the fitter or an anomaly on a particular vehicle (Happens on one in seven vehicles). A driver only has to nudge a cerb or hit a pothole and steering geometry becomes mis aligned.




In fact steering geometry is so important that MANY top car builders skim discs from NEW after install as part of their fitting procedure. These include Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, Honda, Landrover, the list is endless and shown here: pro-cut history


Over 100,000 of the Pro Cut on car brake lathes have been sold worldwide. People do not spend over $10,000 on a machine unless it has a purpose.This is a superb machine owned by the best Garages and it does its job admirably. EBC Brakes is the first brake vendor to try, to BUY and operate in our R and D centre and to RECOMMEND this machine although as we point out all the top car builders use and recommend them. Our competitors choose to throw free replacements at the market to solve the customers problem SHORT TERM , hoping the customer will just go away and then a few weeks later the customer is back in the garage with the same problem. EBC Brakes DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS WEAK STANCE and its only policy is to encourage the customer to go to a Pro Cut machining centre and have the problem corrected permanently.


The corrective process removes only a few microns of material (approx 0.1 mm) and ALL discs or rotors can accommodate between 1.0 and 3.0 mm of material removal before going below spec. That is over 10 times the amount removed by the Pro Cut procedure in most cases.


It is therefore NOT TRUE that a Pro Cut resurface procedure takes a rotor below spec UNLESS IT WAS BELOW SPEC IN THE FIRST PLACE.(Worn out)


Please see this page for a demonstration of the machine and where to get your vehicle Pro Cut geometry aligned: Pro-Cut_Lathe.


It is also possible on this machine to skim slotted and dimpled and even cross drilled rotors with standard Pro Cut three point carbide tips that come with the machine using the dampers recommended and supplied by Pro Cut.

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