EBC Brakes pad fitments for Brembo brake calipers

EBC Brakes pad fitments for Brembo brake calipers

The Italian brake system manufacturer Brembo is one of the finest systems design companies for brakes in the world. Brembo make high quality brake calipers and hydraulics, brake rotors in standard and sport format for both motorcycles and cars.

The Brembo name has been synonymous with Racing for decades and we take our hat off to Brembo for its fine engineering.

EBC Brakes make disc pads for every Brembo brake caliper in a variety of compounds for race use and a table of Brembo caliper designs and pad fitment numbers available from EBC Brakes is shown below.

For more information on how each of these EBC Compound grades work, click the link against your chosen material for your Brembo brakes.


Here are a list of compounds and fitments for Brembo calipers:

For general highway use Brembo are also the standard brake system fitment on prestige cars such as the Mitsubishi EVO, the Nissan 350Z, Nissan Skyline, this list is endless and a further accolade to this manufacturers expertise.

EBC brakes as a pad manufacturer like to feel that its products match up well with the brake systems which Brembo produce.

Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad # Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad # New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
Brembo Caliper Number Brembo Pad Number Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers) Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers) Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)
623 DP41144R DP51144NDX DP91144
0.060.51 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
07.9551.13 DP4071R
20.3655.00 DP4102R DP5102NDX DP9102
20.4548.03 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
20.4862.05 DP41110R DP51110NDX DP91110
20.4862.08 DP41110R DP51110NDX DP91110
20.5187.30 DP41140R DP51140NDX DP91140
94.75.11 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
96.14.03 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
Big Red DP4997R DP5997NDX DP9997
X2.029.21 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X2.029.71 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X2.040.01 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X2.046.01 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X6.059.41 100-H42.5 DP4044R
X9.005.91 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X9.011.01 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X9.011.31 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X9.060.71 140-140C-C DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X9.060.91 140C-C DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X9.066.91 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
X97.24.01 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.24.10 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.24.21 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.24.31 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.24.51 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.24.61 62 DP4104R DP5104NDX DP9104
X97.60.41 132-H49 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X98.A8.41 132-H49 132-H43 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
X99.73.11 132A DP4997R DP5997NDX DP9997
X99.E8.01 164A DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA0.80.51 132-H49 132-H43 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA1.37.11 132-H43 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA2.30.11 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
XA2.30.31 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
XA2.E5.01 132-H49 132-H43 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA2.E5.11 132-H49 132-H43 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA2.E7.01 132-H49 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA2.E7.11 132-H49 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA3.02.11 164 C-C DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA3.02.21 164 D DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA3.02.31 164 DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA3.02.41 164 C-C DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA3.A4.01 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
XA3.A4.41 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
XA3.G2.11 100-H42.5 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044
XA4.F1.01 164 DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA4.F1.11 164 C-C DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA4.F1.21 164 D DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA4.F1.31 164 C-C DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA5.C2.01 164 DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA5.M4.01 165 DP41591R DP51591NDX DP91591
XA5.71.M2 DP4059R DP5059NDX
XA6.61.01 B24 DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA6.61.21 B24 DP4048R DP5048NDX DP9048
XA6.H7.01 164 D DP4058R DP5058NDX DP9058
XA6.H7.11 132 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA6.L6.11 77 DP41537R DP51537NDX DP91537
XA6.L6.11 77 DP4197/2R DP5197/2NDX DP9197/2
XA7.46.03 B12-B13 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA7.46.13 B12-B13 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA7.46.23 B12-B13 DP4016R DP5016NDX DP9016
XA7.G0.11 B09 DP4044R DP5044NDX DP9044