Dangerous cross drilled rotors

Dangerous cross drilled rotors

Unfortunately these are a fake and a very dangerous fake.

These rotors are THROUGH DRILLED or CROSS DRILLED which EBC DOES NOT MANUFACTURE and strongly recommends against for numerous reasons. First of all you can see that striped or banding is already appearing after this short driving period which is typical of a brake rotor where the drill holes do not “Overlap” leaving uneven areas of the brake rotor surface contacted by the brake pads. This eventually would lead to “Ribbing” or ridges developing on the rotor which causes poor brake contact and further down the road, when new pads are again fitted they will take an age to bed in UNLESS you turn the rotors back to a flat surface condition.

Second amateur rotor drilling companies may not take the time to ensure that their drill holes fall into the vent pockets in the rotor which are between the two faces of the brake rotor. If these THROUGH DRILLED HOLES are drilled right through into the support vanes in the rotor core this will GREATLY weaken the structural strength of the rotor. Even IF the supplier does manage to take the time to locate the through drilled holes to fall into the vent pockets between the vane supports it has been seen on many occasions that cracks develop around the through drilled holes as shown here. Eventually the rotor cracks and will very likely suffer a catastrophic failure.

For this reason EBC Brakes does not supply or recommend THROUGH DRILLED ROTORS and always supplies carefully designed dimple drilled rotors. In over 15 years selling sport rotors EBC Brakes has not suffered ONE SINGLE FAILURE of its sport rotor products.

Buyers should be aware of people selling carefully worded sales pitches such as “EBC Pads and sport rotors” which tends to suggest BOTH products are of EBC origin. The appropriate wording here would be “EBC Pads and Genuine EBC made sport rotors”