Brake pad reviews

Brake pad reviews

Here are the facts you need to know when evaluating what is the best brake pad for your driving style.

Over the recent years brake materials have advanced considerably and are made of such high tech materials as Dupont Kelvar and Ceramics. These new age fiber materials have advantages over common semi metallic pads in one special way that as a binding fiber they occupy a smaller percentage of the pad matrix meaning more of the real stopping power material can be blended into the pad. Semi metallic pads can contain up to 50% steel fibre which does nothing for performance except create sparks and scratch rotors. Yes steel fiber give a high grip but it does not combat fade and it causes rotors and pads to wear out at almost the same speeds in a world where the brake pad is supposed to be the disposable item. Kevlar fibers or Aramids as they are generally know are 6 times as strong as steel and for this reason you can use less of them down to as low as 6% by weight.

When considering brake pad reviews look for a balance of pad performance, life, buying price and rotor damage. On occasions brake dust is a target desire of motorists and some brake pads fare better than others in this area. However extensive research shows that zero brake dust is impossible to achieve. Brake dust is actually rotor material in 90% or more of its volume and as much as you don’t want to wear rotors away keeping them honest with a fine and smooth gentle scrub of a low abrasive component within the pad is highly advisable and will create some dust. Semi metallic pads are themselves 50% approx in steel fiber content and harder generally on rotors so they will without doubt generate more dust than an Aramid (Kevlar or similar) fiber based pad. The only advantage of steel fiber in a brake pad is that it is cheap.

A common error of the driver when looking through brake pad reviews is the “Bigger is better” syndrome. Dont go for a full race pad for a street use car or a hard grade pad for a smaller lighter car or you wont get the desired performance, click HERE for a link on how the choose the optimum compounds. Some brake pads are designed for limited duration race use and some for longer full time racing. Other pads are designed for spirited street use or for driver of premium cars who want less dust from their pads.

Forums contain some very aggressive characters who use a variety of expression levels to point out their positive and negative comments. Dont place too much faith in people who bad mouth products without a logical reason, look for brake pad reviews by groups of drivers and try to extract a balanced view. The saying is one mans meat is another mans poison and often people choose and buy the wrong grade of brake pads and then write aggressive comments about them that are often out of date as the technology moves on or simply a cover up for their own error in choosing the pad grade in the first place.

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